Theresa May Will Never Enjoy Jeremy Corbyn’s Rock Star Status [Opinion]

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When Theresa May called a snap election on April 18, the general consensus among the Conservative Party, and indeed the electorate, was that May would sail back into Downing Street with a comfortable majority and the Labour vote would collapse under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Alas, Theresa May and the Conservatives were completely unprepared for what was about to follow; Jeremy Corbyn is winning hearts and minds across the country, receiving what could only be described as a rock star’s welcome wherever his battle bus parks. Mrs. May, on the other hand, is welcomed by placard-carrying protesters wherever she campaigns.

He was the rank outsider when he first threw his hat into the ring and announced his candidacy for the Labour leadership in 2015. Corbyn wasn’t taken seriously initially and only just secured enough nominations to be placed on the ballot. The kindly, albeit often outspoken M.P. for Islington North was competing against P.L.P heavyweights such as Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham, both favorites with bookmakers. Nonetheless, on September 12, 2015, Corbyn sailed to victory with a staggering 59.9 percent of first round votes. A landslide victory.

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, however, has been dogged by negative media spin and M.P.s from his own party announcing a vote of no confidence by 172 to 40, after the E.U. referendum of 2016. Another leadership contest was triggered when two-thirds of his shadow cabinet later resigned. Corbyn retained the leadership, however, and increased his share of the vote to 61.8 percent.

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The Labour leader was first elected as the M.P. for Islington North in 1983 and has campaigned tirelessly for social justice and equality, within U.K. borders and far beyond. Jeremy Corbyn was a fierce opponent of the apartheid regime in South Africa and was famously arrested for protesting outside the country’s embassy in London in 1984. At the time, police had banned protests outside the embassy, as the Foreign Office had been put under pressure by South African diplomats to curtail the protests. According to Dr. Gavin Brown, a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Corbyn helped to defeat the police ban and reinstate anti-apartheid protests.

“Jeremy Corbyn was one of a small number of politicians who was arrested alongside less famous protesters. In doing so, he helped to defeat the police ban and reinstate anti-apartheid protests in front of South Africa House – where they could have maximum impact on the representatives of the apartheid regime in Britain.”

Jeremy Corbyn has been on the right side of history when it comes to all of the significant issues of our time; from the Iraq war to introducing climate change measures, reducing welfare to raising tuition fees. Mr. Corbyn always supports the downtrodden and has not shifted from this position in 30 years. In stark contrast, Theresa May, a former financial advisor and employee of the Bank of England, protects the interests of the elite, as her voting record clearly demonstrates.

The Labour Party leader has attended rally after rally since the election was announced, addressing fire-fighters, nurses, older people and even party revelers at a Libertines gig. Meanwhile, Theresa May’s campaign has been carefully orchestrated, avoiding, wherever possible, the general public and the MSM who do not spin her campaign favorably. Sky News reports the following.

“Since early in the election campaign, Sky News has not been getting live interviews on election issues with Conservative ministers. Also, we weren’t initially invited to follow the leader’s tour.”

“We understand this to be because members of the Prime Minister’s team are unhappy with aspects of our political coverage. Sky News stands by its journalism and is committed to fair, impartial and accurate reporting of all the political parties.”

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A recent YouGov poll proclaimed that the Labour Party has climbed from 23 to 34 percent since the start of the election campaign, and the Conservative lead is down by almost half to 9 percent. With only two weeks before the election, it’s fair to say that anything can happen. Either way, however, win or lose, Theresa May will never enjoy Jeremy Corbyn’s rock star status, she’s been on the wrong side of history too many times. The Labour Party with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm have everything to play for, and the Conservative party led by Theresa May have everything to lose.

Theresa May should not underestimate Jeremy Corbyn. Time and time again, Corbyn has demonstrated that when he is cornered, and so often against all the odds, he comes out fighting and he wins.

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