Melania Trump Does A Michelle Obama In Saudi Arabia, Everyone Forgets The Arms Deal With 9/11 ‘Masterminds’ [Opinion]

Here is one funny thing about politicians. They always manage to distract people from the real issues. And, sadly enough, the media helps them do so. U.S. First Lady Melania Trump did a Michelle Obama in Saudi Arabia, and everyone has totally forgotten about a critical political issue here. U.S. President Donald Trump has signed a $110 billion arms deal with a country that he once blamed for being the masterminds of the 9/11 attack.

Here is what Melania Trump did. She did not wear a headscarf during her visit to Saudi Arabia, where it is mandatory for women to cover their head. Even Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter arrived in the country without wearing any headscarf. They are not the only visiting women to do so. German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier visited the country, and she did not wear any headscarf either. However, the controversy here is because of Donald Trump’s past reaction about Michelle Obama not following the Saudi dress code for women.

“We have enuf enemies.”

In 2015, Donald Trump criticized the then-first lady on Twitter when she went to Saudi Arabia without a headscarf. According to Trump, Michelle Obama insulted Saudi Arabia by not wearing a headscarf. He did not agree with the people who thought she did a wonderful thing by refusing to wear a headscarf during the visit.

Here is one fact. While Saudi Arabia follows a strict dress code from women in its country, female guests from overseas are not required to follow the dress code. Here is another fact. No U.S. first lady ever wore a headscarf during their visit to Saudi Arabia. And, the list includes names like Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and now Melania Trump. Amid this so-called controversy about Donald Trump not practicing what he preaches, people should not forget a bigger example of the same accusation against Trump.

Melania Trump did a Michelle Obama in Saudi Arabia
Melania Trump did a Michelle Obama in Saudi Arabia. [Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]

The U.S. president has signed the biggest arms deal in history with the Middle Eastern country, which he once accused of planning the infamous 9/11 attack. The deal is worth $109.7 billion, and it is expected to reach $380 billion investment from the Saudi kingdom in the coming 10 years. This was the first time Donald Trump went on a foreign trip since his inauguration. And, he signed the deal despite grave warnings against it.

Donald Trump has signed a $110-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia.
Donald Trump has signed a $110-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. [Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

According to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the arms deal will bring positive results for the U.S. economy. However, American do not like the country much, if survey results are to be believed. According to a Gallup poll in February, American’s dislike for Saudi Arabia is quite strong. In fact, it comes right after Russia on the list, the Independent reported.

Donald Trump has been critical of Saudi Arabia in recent past. He has slammed the country for enslaving women and killing homosexuals. According to him, the country should be banned from exporting oil to the United States. The next thing he does is to sign a historic arms deal with the same country.

Amnesty International has asked Donald Trump not to get engaged in any sort of arms deal with Saudi Arabia, as it helps the Middle Eastern country violate international law by killing civilians in Yemen through air strikes. Researcher Kristine Beckerle at Human Rights Watch believes America might now have the legal liability for “aiding and abetting coalition war crimes” due to the arms deal.

Saudi Arabia has apparently been getting ready for the arms deal. King Salman awarded Donald Trump with the highest civilian honor, the Collar of Abdelaziz Saud. Yes, Donald Trump did bow to receive the honor. In 2012, he slammed then-President Barack Obama for doing the same.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]