Kate Middleton Gives Priceless Gift To Bride Pippa On Her Wedding Day – Pictures [Opinion]

The headlines leading up to Kate Middleton’s little sister’s wedding seemed to suggest Kate wasn’t going to play a part in Pippa’s wedding at all, but that wasn’t the case. When Pippa walked down the aisle at her wedding over the weekend, Kate had her hands full of wedding duties for her sister’s big day.

Kate wasn’t a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding and that might seem odd for the folks in America, but traditional wedding parties across the pond are much different than the wedding parties in this nation. Kate and Pippa aren’t at odds and Pippa wasn’t afraid that her sister would take attention away from her on her big day, as many headlines indicated leading up to Pippa’s big day. This wasn’t the case at all.

Kate, who has done wonders for breaking the royals out of some of their stuffy traditions, followed British tradition this time around. She couldn’t be a bridesmaid for Pippa as tradition dictates that job is left to younger and unmarried girls.

According to The Daily Beast, “British tradition dictates that bridesmaids should always be unmarried and should be younger than the bride; indeed, many aristocratic British brides have children as their bridesmaids.” At Kate’s wedding, she had her younger and unmarried sister as her bridesmaid. Kate is older and married, so this left Pippa looking for other options for a bridesmaid.

This is a tradition that isn’t followed as much as it once was, as many British brides opt to create a type of wedding party that is similar to one that you would find in the states. Never the less, this British tradition worked well for Kate’s needs this weekend, as she wanted to stay behind the scenes and let her sister’s big day be all about her sister. One thing Kate was sure to do, was to help her sister with her wedding gown train, just as Pippa did for her at her wedding. This is a bit of family history now for the sisters, who can say they each played a big part in one another’s weddings.

For a good deal of the time, Kate stayed behind the scenes and she used her talent to give Pippa one of the best wedding presents a sister can give. Kate made sure Pippa was the star of this show, even standing in the shadows with her royal offspring as the wedding party passed by. Kate was thrilled to watch Pippa walk by on her way to the altar, as she and Princess Charlotte shared an awe-inspiring moment together as the bride made her way past the droves of guests. Kate and her daughter are both sporting a big smile as they watch Pippa walk by, which is seen in the picture below. It appears the rest of the kids are more involved in kids’ stuff, but Kate and her daughter are all about watching Auntie Pippa in this picture.

Kate Middleton's Gift To Pippa On Her Wedding Day Was Priceless
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Kate’s gift to her sister was plain to see. Besides staying in the background a good portion of the day, so she wouldn’t upstage Pippa, she used her natural talents to keep the young bridesmaids and page boys in line. Kate was not only with her two royal children, but she also had charge of a group of kids who attended the wedding with their families, as seen in the picture below. Kate looked like a mother duck herding her ducklings in several shots taken at Pippa’ wedding. It didn’t look at all like a chore for Kate, she looked like a natural. She was reminiscent of one of those dedicated school teachers, who are completely involved with the younger set.

Kate Middleton Did Her Best Not To Upstage Pippa At Her Wedding
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The kids in the picture above, all of whom looked to be under the age of five, had royal titles. According to the Metro U.K., the bridesmaids were “Countess Philippa Hoyos, Lily French, Avia Horner and Princess Charlotte, while the pageboys were Casimir Tatos, Edward Sebire, William Ward and Prince George.”
Kate used her talents as a mom to take charge of the children, along with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. At one point during the day, Kate is seen in a picture and it looks as if she is correcting Prince George for something.

Reports seem to think Kate’s young prince stepped on Auntie Pippa’s bridal gown, which set the Middletons back 40,000 pounds. That is equivalent to approximately $52,000 in American dollars. In the Facebook post below, you can see Kate addressing Prince George in what looks like a reprimand. That doesn’t sound like Kate, getting upset over her son accidentally stepping on the gown. According to the Daily Mail in the Facebook post below, Kate was redirecting Prince George, “who kicked up a fuss.” This would have been a long day for kids that are George and Charlotte’s age, so it wouldn’t be out of the norm for a child George’s age to get fussy.

Who said the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? There couldn’t be a better example of that adage than the throwback picture in the Facebook post below. That’s Prince William as a pageboy at Prince Andrew’s wedding to Sarah Ferguson and he is sitting next to a young bridesmaid. That impish look that Prince George sometimes sports, is the same look Prince William has on his face in this picture.

The greatest gift that Kate could give her sister on her wedding day was to let Pippa shine. To top it off, Kate did things to help her out that wouldn’t be considered glamorous, like watching the little ones in the wedding party. She gave her sister a gift that was priceless, Pippa’s day was all about Pippa.

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