Anderson Cooper Apologizes, But Trump ‘Took A Dump On His Desk’ Is More Than A ‘Sorry’ Offense? [Opinion]

Anderson Cooper Apologizes After Vile Trump Comment

Anderson Cooper is sorry, “genuinely sorry” over a disgusting quip that included the president of the United States defecating on a desk. When did these crass and vile quips concerning Donald Trump coming from journalists become acceptable as long as an apology comes along shortly after the jaws have dropped?

On Friday night, Cooper was in a heated conversation with Jeffery Lord, who is a supporter of Donald Trump. Lord was there to talk and talk he did, but apparently, Cooper didn’t like what he heard. As Lord was talking favorably about Trump, Cooper interrupted him to point out that if “Trump took a dump on his desk,” he would still defend him.

In what is becoming somewhat of a habit among journalists that go too far, an apology followed via Twitter. This tweet was posted just after Cooper’s show ended. He also apologized on-air for the crude remark made about the president of the United States.

So now it is all OK because Cooper is “genuinely sorry?” Because Cooper is “genuinely sorry,” and not just generically sorry, this makes it all go away? Whether you like Donald Trump or not, he is the president of this nation. While the president deserves respect because the majority of the voters put him in office, those who continue to whine about him not being their president, should at the very least as an American respect the office of the president. Cooper’s apology tweet is seen below.

Anderson, like many of the other mainstream journalists today, are the people the masses turn to for the news of the day, along with some professional discussions on topics open for debate. It seems that Facebook user Sandra London said it all about Cooper’s actions. He is “losing his credibility,” according to Sandra, whose thoughts are echoed across the social media sites.

Cooper, who is supposed to be the unbiased voice of the news, has said something that was not only disgusting, but he has also made it clear that he is not a Trump supporter. Do you remember yesteryear when the men and women of broadcast news could report and discuss a story without so much as a hint of their emotions or beliefs leaking into the mix? You could watch Walter Cronkite as he reported on a politician gone bad and never once get a hint of his own personal thoughts on the subject. His reports on brutal crimes never swayed to include how he, himself, was feeling on the subject. That doesn’t happen anymore today.

According to The Washington Post, Cooper interrupted Lord during a discussion regarding Donald Trump calling FBI director James Comey a “nut job.” Cooper opened up the discussion on whether Trump should have said this or not.

Cooper was jabbing Lord with a verbal stick after Lord told Cooper that he believed Trump was ” perfectly within his rights to say them. I mean, he’s the president of the United States. He can say what he wants.” Cooper fished for Lord to elaborate on his stand on Trump’s two-word description of Comey by asking him if he thought it was a “smart” thing for Trump to call Comey a “nut job?”

Anderson Cooper Claims He is Sorry For Using An Example Of Trump Taking A Dump On A Desk

After a little more pushing on Cooper’s part to get Lord to say whether calling Comey was a “smart” move on Trump’s part or not, Lord said, “Is it smart? I don’t think it matters either way.” He continued as Cooper sat with a smirk on his face. Lord said, “In truth, I really don’t know.”

It was later in the interview when Lord reminded Cooper how Barack Obama was caught on an open mic telling Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister, that negotiating the missile defense issue will be easier for him once he was re-elected to the White House. Lord was comparing the rumors that put Trump winning the election after the Russian government supposedly meddled in the election. He said about Obama’s comments, “Now that’s what we call collusion with the Russians.” That was a conversation caught on a live mic, so there was no rumor there.

Lord told Cooper that he doesn’t care what Trump says to the Russians because he is the president of the United States. This conversation led to Cooper pointing out what a loyal guy Lord is when it comes to Trump, this is when he said, “If he took a dump on your desk, you would defend it.” This is seen in the video below from CNN News, which is shared by the Twitter user, Everiting.

Lord asked Cooper, “What?” Then he started to laugh, but for a moment there he looked a bit surprised over Cooper’s flippant and crass remark. It was at this time when Cooper looked as if he realized that he went too far with that statement. He followed that up by praising Lord’s loyalty to Trump, saying that it speaks well of Lord, being that loyal to the president.

Now that Cooper’s apology has been tweeted in words and verbally conveyed by this popular personality, is all well and fine over at his CNN News Channel? So far there’s no word on any repercussions for this statement, just headline news that Cooper apologizes.

What happened to the days when a journalist asked the tough questions and then let the viewers decide for themselves. It is no secret that Cooper is not a fan of Donald Trump and that is because he makes it no secret. He recently had an eye-roll incident while talking to Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s top advisers. According to Variety, Lord is not only a Trump supporter but also a frequent CNN contributor.

Anderson Cooper's Crass Donald Trump Quip Would Never Leave The Lips Of A Real Journalist Like Walter Cronkite

Do you remember the days when the greats like Walter Cronkite could dole out the news, some of it horrific, and never once give so much as an inkling of a hint if he was even a tad bit irritated at what was going on. According to the website Biography, “Walter Cronkite was a lifelong newsman who became the voice of the truth for America as a nighttime anchorman.” According to what some folks are saying across the social media sites today, Anderson Cooper is described in words that would put him at just about the polar opposite of a Walter Cronkite when it comes to being a great news reporter or journalist.

Why are journalists like Cooper insisting upon having their thoughts on Trump being heard over everyone else who has a thing or two to say? CNN has their fair share of anti-Trump reporters, like Rachel Maddow, who attempted to make jaws drop with a scoop on Trump’s taxes. But her long drawn-out introduction to her story, which turned out to be no scoop at all, rendered her a laughing stock across the nation. That clip of her hyping up this Trump tax scoop played over and over again on television news. This was an event that Breitbart News called Maddow’s “epic fail,” as she was mocked for her behavior and actions surrounding this so-called “scoop.”

The journalists today have become so transparent on who they support and who they don’t and unfortunately, many journalists slant their reports towards their own feelings on the topic. Whether you are a Trump supporter or not, you know which news channel to watch because the star personalities of these shows do not leave their feelings out of the reports on the politicians of the day. There are many Anderson Coopers today, but no Walter Cronkites.

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