Anthony Weiner Cries, Pleads Guilty, Deemed Sex Offender — Then Huma Abedin Slaps Him With Divorce [Opinion]

It was a bad day for Anthony Weiner who broke down crying in court while pleading guilty to the charges brought about by his sexting behavior with a minor. He was sobbing while admitting to the judge that he sent a 15-year-old girl obscene material online. Then he was told he would need to register as a sex offender. His day was still not complete, as news emerged that his wife went to court earlier in the day and filed for divorce. That has to be the epitome of a bad day for anyone, but many would agree Anthony Weiner brought this all on himself.

It looks like this was one of those days for Anthony Weiner that the old adage claims, “when it rains it pours.” Weiner started crying “about five words into his statement” to the judge while delivering his guilty plea, according to Fox News on Friday afternoon. ABC News also reports that Weiner was very emotional when it came time for him to speak in court as he “tearfully admitted today to a federal judge” what he had done.

Weiner entered his plea of guilty in federal court Friday morning to a single count of transferring obscene material to a minor. Now that Weiner is guilty, he is ordered to register as a sex offender, which has to be devastating to his wife, Huma Abedin, who is the mother of their young son.

Huma Abedin was Hillary’s right-hand person throughout her ill-fated campaign for the White House. Weiner’s sexting charges inadvertently led to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email habits and oddly, he is not someone she has publically pointed the finger of blame at for her epic 2016 loss. While Hillary seemed to blame just about everyone else, she didn’t hold Huma and her husband at fault publicly for the campaign imploding.

When the FBI confiscated Antony Weiner’s computers, it was found it contained emails from Hillary Clinton, including classified emails. They had been sent to that computer via Huma Abedin.

It was later revealed that Huma liked to hand the emails on of a piece of paper to Hillary, so she sent the emails to her husband, who would then print those emails for Huma, according to an article earlier this month from Slate. While there were plenty of printers at the State Department, Huma found them hard to use, so it was more convenient to send them to Weiner to print. That convenience very well could have cost Hillary Clinton the presidency, or at the very least, it didn’t help matters much.

It is very hard for anyone to feel sorry for Anthony Weiner, whose sexting habits cost him his seat in the Congress and then a run for the mayor of New York City. This was the third time he was caught in a sexting scandal, but this time around a minor was involved.

As the Daily Beast suggests in the Facebook post below, “Don’t pity Anthony Weiner. Not one bit.”

This is a man who continued on with this behavior despite getting caught twice before. He didn’t seem to care about what he was doing at the time to his wife and baby son.

Huma stayed with her husband through most of it, but she filed for divorce in August while she was on the campaign trail with Hillary. It was later learned that she did this under pressure from Hillary and Hillary’s camp. According to an article from the Daily Mail back in March, Huma got back together with her husband and was working to “repair” her marriage to Weiner. It wasn’t until after Hillary’s ill-fated campaign was over that Huma and her husband got back together, with Weiner spending most of the time at the apartment he once shared with Huma and their very young son.

What transpired recently is not known, but according to reports, Huma did file for divorce today, the same day that her husband entered a plea of guilty to the charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. She was not in court today supporting her husband, which many thought she wouldafter recent reports conveyed that they were back together.

The minor Weiner was caught sexting with is a 15-year-old high school student from North Carolina. He said this sexting behavior started with other women about six months after entering Congress, and it lasted up until the middle of 2016.

According to ABC News, Weiner agreed to the prosecutor’s request that he serve 21 to 27 months in prison, but that will ultimately be left up to the judge. Weiner will be released on $150,000 bond as he waits for his sentencing, which is scheduled for Sept. 8.” In court, Weiner apologized to all of the people he hurt, which included the high school girl.

According to CNN, “As part of the plea agreement, Weiner, 52, will register as a sex offender and also will have to forfeit his iPhone, surrender his passport and continue mental health treatment. He is also barred from having any contact with the minor.”

The Daily Mail describes how Weiner carried on this back-and-forth sexting with a “troubled 15-year-old girl.” They report how the conversation was sometimes lewd, like telling the teen that she made him “hard.” He also requested that she don “school-girl” attire and he urged her to engage in “rape fantasies.” He knew this girl was 15, which was evident in some of the emails discovered, but that didn’t stop him from this sexting with the girl. Again, it is hard to feel sorry for Weiner today as he cried in court, as those tears came only after he was caught and had to answer for his behavior.

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