A-Rod Scribbles ‘Birth Control’ In Game Notebook Captured In Embarrassing Tweet? [Opinion]

Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod to his fans, was put in an embarrassing position last night as he sat in the broadcasting booth for his first gig with Fox Sports 1. A-Rod was getting ready to call the Yankees game for the first time when someone snapped a picture of him sitting in the booth and tweeted it as a promo.

The tweet, which was sent out hours ahead of the game, declared how A-Rod was “getting ready for his debut in the broadcast booth” at the Royals’ home field. As the New York Post suggests, the tweet was just an “innocent attempt at self-promotion” by Fox Sports. With the Yankee’s icon pictured on his maiden voyage in the broadcasting booth, this would more than likely entice A-Rod fans to the station. This picture enticed much more than anyone bargained for.

In the picture, A-Rod is sitting in the booth with his game notebook full of scribbled words in front of him as he prepared to call out the game for the Yankees, which is the team that still holds A-Rod’s contract. The rather generic image went out on Twitter and soon picked up some major steam after an eagle-eyed social media user deciphered those scribbles on A-Rod’s notebook.


Looking very dapper and business-like in his suit and tie, A-Rod appeared hard at work with his pen in hand, writing something down in that notebook. It was that zoom-in tool that gave his thoughts away after one social media user took the time to enlarge A-Rod’s notebook. What Rodriguez had jotted down didn’t seem to have anything at all to do with sports.

It looked as if his mind was on family planning — or quite possibly the lack of it — as seen in the tweets above in the article.

According to the New York Post, “From what can be deciphered of Rodriguez’s scrawl,” it looks as if the wrote the date ‘January 31st,’ which is seen on the left-hand page. Then there was a list that had bullet-points and the words on that list appeared to be ‘Child,’ along with ‘Birth control,’ ‘Baby’ and ‘Pull out stuff.'”

Once the buzz about A-Rod’s notebook got around, the tweet was deleted, but as with anything else on the internet, it is up there forever after Twitter users captured the image in retweets and screenshots.

As the New York Post suggests, A-Rod’s notebook contains “potentially scandalous content” and it “sent Twitter into a frenzy.”

Deadspin asks, “What are the entries in Alex Rodriguez’s game notebook?”

The tweeted picture captured Rodriguez looking at his notes, so it did grab the attention of fans who saw this picture.

As AOL suggests, “We’re going to assume those aren’t the keys to the game.”

This is one guy who is “known for his preparation,” cites AOL. Knowing this would make the contents of his game notebook enticing to the fans, who presumed it had to do with the game about to start.

All it took was one enlarged picture of that notebook to open up a very embarrassing situation for A-Rod. Apparently, the picture was up for just a matter of minutes and then deleted from the Twitter page.

Who Alex Rodriguez had in mind when writing these notes is anybody’s guess. For some odd and unknown reason, a date, “child,” “birth control,” and “pull-out stuff” was important enough for A-Rod to jot down in his game notebook. He also looked to be intently studying them in the picture.


A-Rod has been dating the iconic singer and actress Jennifer Lopez for a few months now, with the Daily Mail reporting the two “are already talking marriage.” Lopez, 47, and 41-year-old A-Rod have been seen out and about together for the past several weeks.

According to the latest reports in the Daily Mail, J.Lo is “head over heels for him.” While she is not mentioned in A-Rod’s game notebook, she will probably have some questions about his train of thought while he jotted those very odd words ahead of his big debut for calling out a Yankees’ game. So what in the heck was A-Rod thinking? So far, there is no word from him on his notebook contents.

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