Barron Trump Takes 80 Classmates To White House — A Lesson For Trump Critics? [Opinion]

Barron Trump is only 11 years old and he has already experienced things from political critics that no child should have to endure. What was once a rather quiet life for Barron, both at home and in his school, was suddenly changed. That change was rather drastic for Barron once his father, Donald Trump, was elected as the president of this great nation.

Even before his father was inaugurated, it was announced that Barron would continue on with his classes at his school in New York City, which caused a major backlash from his classmates’ parents. They feared that the school might become a target with Barron Trump now being the son of the president. There were complaints about the Secret Service agents getting in the way and causing disruptions to the school’s daily activities.

It sounded as if a great amount of anger was coming from Barron’s classmates’ parents, which was described in an article from Heat Street at the end of last year. This was a little more than a month before the president was inaugurated. Heat Street reported on these complaints, which were addressed at a school meeting which “panicky parents” attended. Parents of Barron’s classmates wanted the school to do something to stop all the disruption and to ease their fears. This meeting took place back in December.

Parents complained about the Secret Service, calling the agents an “intrusion” at the school. They also complained about the new traffic pattern put in place by the Secret Service, which was causing delays and traffic jams. It wasn’t Barron they were angry at of course, but most kids Barron’s age would be able to pick up on all this angst swirling around his presence at the school.

It seems as if time has healed a lot of that angst today for both the parents and staff affiliated with Barron’s prep school in the Big Apple. It sounds as if the once outraged parents have learned to bend a bit and now realize that these protocols were put in place for a reason. The latest news that Barron Trump played host to 80 of his classmates at the White House seems to offer some evidence that the parents eventually came around and got over their anger.

According to AOL News, the 80 classmates that Barron accompanied on a trip to the White House represented the entire 5th grade at the prestigious prep school in NYC. Barron played host to his classmates at the place where he will call home starting next month.

It is ironic how the parents of Barron’s classmates were so up in arms at one point that they wanted Barron out of the school, but yet last week 80 kids were allowed by their parents to go on this class trip hosted by Barron. It appears there’s a big difference in the way these parents see Barron’s presence today compared back to the time when they learned his father would be president of the United States.

The school’s other parents were once outraged at the changes made to accommodate Barron as a student in this school, which was something seen in the headlines last year. At a parent-teacher night last November, the school’s lone elevator was closed off to everyone but Melania Trump, which was done by the Secret Service. Other parents were redirected to the stairs, which didn’t sit too well with the parents when that happened, according to an article from Vanity Fair published in November of last year.

Jump ahead to May 2017 and these are the same parents whose kids were just treated to a trip of a lifetime with the first son inviting them to his family home, the White House. Last week 80 kids, including Barron, traveled to Washington, D.C., to spend time at the White House. These kids were treated to much more than a tour. They got to meet Barron’s mom and dad, who happen to be the president and the first lady of the United States.

Barron’s classmates had lunch at the White House and they stayed overnight in Washington. They also did some sight-seeing around the historic city. Somehow the fears of Barron’s classmates’ parents subsided enough to let their children go on this trip. Because they did, these kids will have a story to carry with them through life. They can tell their grandchildren how they met the president and the first lady.

Maybe Trump’s critics can take a lesson from Barron’s classmates and their parents, the same parents who once wanted Barron gone from the school. Today Barron’s presence allowed these kids to get this hands-on education, which might have never happened if Barron wasn’t there. This also speaks to 11-year-old Barron and how he was able to put all this aside and move ahead, inviting the kids to his White House home.

[Featured Image by Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Images]