Is Ivanka Trump Confusing White House Staff? Social Media Users Think So [Opinion]

Ivanka Trump is in the White House these days assisting her father, President Trump, as he takes on the problems of this nation. These aren’t small problems, so it is no mundane task. Recently, Ivanka was photographed tackling a very serious problem with a group of people around a conference table in the White House. It was when she tweeted a picture of the group that an eagle-eyed social media user noticed something was missing.

Along with the tweeted image of this group, Ivanka wrote, “Human trafficking is a pervasive humanitarian epidemic both domestically and abroad. Together we are working to combat this critical issue.”

With this message, there is no mistaking what these folks were meeting about: the very serious problem of human trafficking.

Ivanka Trump is seen sitting at a conference table with about a dozen people, and each one of them has their own individual table tents in front of them, including Ivanka. The white paper table tents are about 10 inches long and a couple of inches in height. They display the name of the individual person, along with their title. Assumingly, it makes it easier for those in attendance to see who is who around the table, as well as who they represent at this meeting. Leave it to one sharp-eyed social media user to spot what is missing from Ivanka Trump’s table tent when she looked at the tweeted image that Ivanka sent out, which is seen in the tweet below.


From this view, it is hard to read anything written on the table tents, but when a social media user zoomed in a bit, they noticed Ivanka’s table tent was different from the others. While her name is there as plain as day, it is a title for Ivanka that is missing, reports AOL News.

While this is no great shakes, as by now everyone at the table knows Ivanka Trump is the president’s daughter, but it was just enough to start some movement across social media. Social media users had a field day with this photo once it was blown up in size, as seen in the tweet below.


It seems that even the staff at the White House is confused about what title to assign Ivanka for her table tent. As social media user Dorsey Shaw suggests in the tweet above, “the White House staffer in charge of printing these things doesn’t know what Ivanka does either.”

The fact that Ivanka didn’t have a title printed on her name tent opened up the flood gates for some very comical social media comments. Of course, there were those who used this as an excuse to throw more criticism Ivanka’s way, along with some people sharing a few critical remarks toward President Trump.

When it was pointed out on Twitter that Ivanka Trump was missing a title on her “nameplate,” the inevitable took place. Ivanka’s missing title suddenly became a call for social media users to come up with a title for the president’s daughter while meeting with people on official business. Some of the suggested titles appear in the tweets below, which are a few of the more kinder suggestions that appeared on the social media sites.


The list of suggested titles for Ivanka Trump ranged from hilarious to rather mean, but her presence at the White House helping out her father is something that also confuses some folks.

As far as Ivanka missing a title on her nameplate, Mashable writes, “It’s unclear exactly what Ivanka’s role is, and apparently, the White House is as confused as the rest of the nation.”

Ivanka has been very involved in her father’s presidency while First Lady Melania Trump has been spending the majority of her time back in New York with Barron as he finishes up his school year. This is not the traditional way the first families in the past have done things, but there’s not a traditional bone in Donald Trump’s body when it comes to politics. If Ivanka is working to stop human trafficking, why would anyone care if she donned a title when the work she is doing is so important? If this was Obama’s family, the headlines would more than likely spotlight his daughter doing the work, rather than a missing title from her nameplate.

[Featured Image by Markus Schreiber/AP Images]