As Impeach President Now Stories Explode, Trump Eats Ice Cream Because Even POTUS Needs Comfort Food [Opinion]

Donald Trump’s policies on just about everything propels people who haven’t thought about politics in a long time to sit up and take notice. Twitter is alive with comments about Trump’s administration, and the Donald Trump Twitter persona has become a meme of its own.


All the stress and anxiety about the changes is sending many watchers on both sides of the Trump dilemma rushing to bury their worries under several thousand calories worth of their fave comfort food.

The top food-related search on Google is “food near me,” followed closely by “fast food near me.” The world around Trump is filling up on mac and cheese, fries, chocolate cake, and caffeine in a giant cup full of sugar, cream, and flavors. Everyone wants to eat and drink some relief, and President Trump is no exception.

MSNBC wrote that calls to impeach Donald Trump now are exploding as allegations of Trump’s leaks to Russia are being referred to as a “grotesque violation of the President’s oath.”

Business Insider via Time magazine described a dinner Trump gave for reporters from the outlet. The White House servers were obviously “well-accustomed to catering to his preferences.” They knew the drill and had all the Donald Trump’s favorites ready to serve.

The president isn’t going to win any nutrition awards, but that’s the point of comfort food. It’s all about the fat, sugar, and salt, not the vitamins and minerals.

Food near me is the top google search for food.
Donuts are selling better than ever in the comfort food department. [Image by Noam Galai/Getty Images]

According to the other dinner guests, Donald was heavy on the fat, sugar, and salt, but wasn’t so interested in dishes like the fresh fruit plate that Mike Pence had for dessert.

Trump’s servers brought him two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a piece of chocolate cream pie. Everyone else at the dinner got only a single scoop of ice cream and probably had to stop off at the grocery store for a tub of sweet, frozen happiness on the way home.

One Food fact about Donald Trump is his preference for ice cream.
Donald Trump enjoys a chocolate ice cream cone at a Cleveland Cavaliers game. [Image by Jeff Gross/Getty Images]

Of course, Twitter took note of Americans’ obsessive interest in Donald’s dessert choices. One person said that reports on how many scoops of ice cream the president eats show how screwed up the media is.


On the other hand, if comfort food is the coping mechanism Americans are using, they may as well enjoy it vicariously too.


Salad dressing in Trump’s White House is a “creamy vinaigrette” except for the president himself. Donald prefers the Russian-like Thousand Island dressing, which, according to the food blog, Delishably, is very similar to Russian salad dressing.

“There is a debate about what differentiates Thousand Island from Russian,” but the similarities are close enough to have Twitter users wondering if it’s a coverup.


Donald Trump also dug into an extra dish of sauce with the chicken course and sucked back his usual Diet Coke while other dinner guests drank water. Trump makes no secret of his predilection for fast food.


According to the Detroit Free Press,Donald Trump’s Twitter account is full of posts about his “affection for eateries like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.”


He’s not a fan of physical fitness either. CBS News via The New Yorker wrote that President Trump considers working out and exercise in general to be a “misguided” use of time and energy.

The way Donald Trump sees it, people are like batteries, and he’s not talking about the rechargeable kind. Trump thinks that each person is “born with a finite amount of energy,” and it’s foolish to use up that energy on exercise when it could be directed to building his business.

Amid calls to impeach Donald Trump now, trump still enjoys a game of golf.
Donald Trump drives around his golf course in a golf cart. [Image by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]

The Donald enjoys regular games of golf, but he doesn’t play the game for the fitness factor. Golf is all about making business deals.

[Featured Image by Pete Marovich-Pool/Getty Images]