‘Dragon Ball Super’: The Pros And Cons Of Having Frieza As U7’s 10th Member [Opinion]

Dragon Ball Super has recently shaken the foundations of its fanbase by teasing that Majin Buu, the 10th Universe 7 fighter, would not be participating in the upcoming Tournament of Power. Instead of the beloved pink fighter, leaks of upcoming episode summaries revealed that the anime would be replacing Buu with Frieza, who would be resurrected for 24 hours just so he could participate in the multiverse battle royale.

Sounds like a bad idea, right? Well, that is exactly how most of the DBS fanbase currently feels. Apart from the fact that Buu has been in the every single Universe Survival Arc promo material since the saga was first teased, the addition of Frieza into the representative team of Universe 7 just feels plain wrong, or haphazard at best. Then again, if the leaked episode summaries are any indication, there is only one person, er, Saiyan who could be blamed for the mass murderer’s inclusion to the U7 team — Son Goku.

According to the recently leaked episode summaries that were translated by noted DBS fan-translator Herms98, Goku would come up with the idea of using Frieza as a replacement for Majin Buu, who would be hibernating just hours before the Tournament of Power begins. Goku would then travel to Hell in order to recruit one of the most evil characters in the entire franchise to a tournament that is aimed at saving the universe. If this particular logic sounds like it doesn’t make sense, it is because it doesn’t. If any, the addition of Frieza as a U7 fighter would have far too many cons compared to its pros.


But first, let’s discuss the possible rationale of Frieza fighting with the Universe 7 team. For one, Frieza is arguably one of the most formidable villains that the Z fighters have ever faced in the past. Back in Dragon Ball Z, he was the cause of the near-extinction of the Saiyan Race, and he got really close to wiping out Namekians too. Ultimately, Frieza’s fall was attributed to Goku, who transformed into a Super Saiyan in order to finally destroy the malevolent character.

When Frieza returned in Dragon Ball Super, he was just as formidable as before, giving the now-stronger Z-fighters a massive battle before falling once more to the anime’s protagonists. Thus, for all intents and purposes, Frieza is definitely one of the strongest characters in DBS, according to numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit. Hence, he could be a valuable asset in the Tournament of Power.

However, Frieza’s cons do outweigh his pros. Inasmuch as he is immensely strong, he is also incredibly unpredictable and just pure evil. Among the villains of Dragon Ball Z, Frieza was the one who was really just evil for the fun of it, committing genocide just because he wanted to. Cell was largely programmed to destroy, and Buu is just acting according to his nature. Frieza, on the other hand, just wanted to be evil. Among all of DBS‘ villains, he was the one who actually chose to traverse the path of a mass murderer.


Thus, there is simply no way to control Frieza in the Tournament of Power. His killing instincts alone would result in the automatic disqualification of the Universe 7 team, considering the Tournament’s no-killing rule. Apart from this, his desire to kill the Z-fighters might simply be too much, resulting in him actually throwing the match so that the universe would be destroyed. He really is just that evil.

Of course, this whole Frieza replacing Buu as U7’s 10th member issue might simply be Toei Animation’s way of pulling the legs of Dragon Ball Super‘s fans. Buu has been featured and built up far too much for him to simply give up his spot to a character whose personality is a complete mismatch for the Tournament of Power. Let’s just hope that Toei Animation really is just playing with the DBS fanbase, and Buu really is still Universe 7’s 10th fighter. Otherwise, Dragon Ball Super would get pretty disappointing very soon.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]