Ivanka Trump: Just Where Is Donald Trump’s Daughter During His Most Recent White House Crisis? [Opinion]

Ivanka Trump has a curious habit of being highly visible in the White House and frequently beside her father whenever things are going smoothly, but she and her husband Jerry Kushner are often strangely missing whenever one of Donald Trump’s patented disasters crops up. As noted by CNN, this latest scandal involving the firing of FBI Director James Comey is no exception.

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump.
Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

Currently, the Trump White House is in disarray following the controversial dismissal of James Comey. Politicians on the left – and even some on the right – are eviscerating Trump for his decision to fire the very person who was in charge of investigating any potential links between his administration and Russia. As pointed out by CNN, the result has been a crisis that could easily approach Watergate levels.

With Donald Trump clearly needing all hands on deck – not to mention all the help he can get – it might be useful for Ivanka and her husband Jared to show up and save the day – or at least calm Donald Trump down a bit by keeping him away from the TV. But that really doesn’t seem to be their style.

One example of this frequent disappearance tactic on the part of Ivanka Trump can be seen in the fact that during the collapse of Donald Trump’s Obamacare replacement program back in March, the happy couple was vacationing on a ski trip in Aspen Colorado. Of course, given Donald Trump’s own frequent golfing trips, it would be difficult for him to criticize them for vacationing when the going got tough.

Later in April, when accusations about leaks and internal factional strife inside the White House were getting out to the press, Ivanka Trump and her husband were to be found up in Canada celebrating Passover. Apparently, the Trumps take part in more vacations and holidays than a travel guide.

Ivanka Trump stares at father Donald as he speaks
Ivanka Trump stares at father Donald as he speaks. [Image by Mark Makela/Getty Images]

Unfortunately for her father Donald Trump – putatively the president of the United States – this week was more of the same when it came to familial loyalty. As Donald Trump has found himself ensnared in the treacherous web laid out by none other than Donald Trump himself, there’s been no one available to pull him out of the disaster Trump concocted between his latest tweet storms.

Currently, Donald Trump’s solution to the problem seems to revolve around firing almost everyone around him in the White House, apparently including Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and far right advisor Stephen Bannon.

The last public sighting of Ivanka Trump in Washington was when she appeared at a ceremony involving military families. This was just before Donald Trump’s announcement on Tuesday that he was firing Comey. Since then, she and Jared have been under deep cover. Perhaps they’re hiding in the same bushes that Sean Spicer was hidden in a few days ago.

Even on the Internet and social media, Ivanka Trump has apparently chosen to employ the submarine warfare technique of silent running. Normally, Ivanka can be counted on for multiple social media posts every day, but we’ve hardly heard a peep out of her since Donald Trump’s decision to fire the man investigating him.

The paparazzi did manage to snap a few photos of the pair returning to the White House following a session at the gym, but that’s really been about it. So when Ivanka Trump will choose to pop back up out of hiding is an open question, but presumably, it will either be when the all clear has been sounded or Donald Trump has been impeached and removed from the White House. Only time and FBI investigators will tell.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]