Is Sean Spicer Being Replaced? Who Will Trump Pick For Press Secretary? [Opinion]

Is Sean Spicer about to join the long line of those exiting the White House since the inauguration? According to insiders, Donald Trump isn’t very pleased with Sean Spicer’s performance – particularly in recent weeks. And this may be one of the real reasons why Sarah Sanders filled in for him a few days ago. But if Trump is replacing Sean Spicer, who is he going to pick as the new Press Secretary?

Potential Press Secretaries

And seems that Donald Trump is considering a number of options when it comes to replacing Sean Spicer. One would apparently be to end the daily press conferences and to start delivering the news himself to reporters whenever he felt like it. This would seem to mean that there wouldn’t be a Press Secretary as such.

But as outrageous as Donald Trump can sometimes be, this seems a bit unlikely. It would require a good deal of time and effort on his part that he would probably be unwilling to take away from his other activities. Those golf balls are going to get themselves into the sand traps. So Donald Trump is almost certainly going to choose a new Press Secretary if he fires Sean Spicer.

One possibility would be Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani made it clear at the close of the campaign that he has no problem conveying – or explaining – the words of Donald Trump. And the speech he gave at the Republican national convention certainly demonstrated the kind of enthusiastic loyalty that Trump apparently demanded and failed to get from someone else he recently fired.

Another option would be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. While in recent months Christie has been pushed out of his position at the White House by palace intrigues carried out by Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, this isn’t to say that Trump might not decide to draw him back in for this emergency. On the other hand, both Chris Christie and Giuliani are likely hoping for the more prominent position of FBI Director – now that it is vacated – and would probably never accept a lower level post.

Then there’s Sarah Sanders. She did fill in semi-capably while Sean Spicer was away from the job, so it’s barely possible she might get it – particularly given the fact that she’s Mike Huckabee’s daughter. On the other hand, that familial connection could actually work against her.

The Top Contender

But as noted by Philly, the most talked about option for replacing Sean Spicer as Press Secretary – and the one that seems most likely at the moment – would be Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News. One of the reasons that Guilfoyle is considered a top contender now is that she was under consideration back in December before Trump selected Sean Spicer.

From Trump’s perspective, she has the virtue of being extremely conservative and an alumnus of Fox News – his favorite channel. She also has a good deal of experience on television, and she presumably wouldn’t be rattled by aggressive questions from the press corps. At one point recently, she suggested – presumably it was a joke – that Vladimir Putin should be placed in charge of the United States long enough to destroy ISIS.

As reported by Slate, with Sean Spicer being accused of hiding in the bushes on the White House grounds to avoid the press corps, it’s not surprising that he may be metaphorically marching toward the guillotine at this moment. But the problem for any replacement for Sean Spicer is that he or she will have the daunting task of trying to explain to the American people on a daily basis just what Donald Trump meant in that last tweet he sent at 3 a.m. in the morning.

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