The U.S. Is Not Ready For War, Donald Trump Is The Weakest Strategist Of All Time [Opinion]

North Korea launched a KN-17 ballistic missile and this is the first time the launch was successful. According to reports, the missile could have reached Guam if it was aimed correctly. A U.S official told Fox News that the missile “splashed down about 60 miles south of Russia’s Vladivostok region and approximately 250 miles from Japanese shores.”

This North Korean missile threatens the previously communicated intent of South Korean President Moon Jae-in to speak with North Korea.

“The president expressed deep regret over the fact that this reckless provocation occurred just days after a new government was launched in South Korea,” senior presidential secretary Yoon Young-chan said.

“The president said we are leaving open the possibility of dialogue with North Korea, but we should sternly deal with a provocation to prevent North Korea from miscalculating.”

As North Korea continues to show its missile power, U.S. President Donald Trump gallivants with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Chinese government in his Mar-a-Largo estate. North Korea, seeing its first “good” chance to turn the tables around the current, unstable world power, the United States, prepares to challenge the norm with their military. On the other hand, the “leader of the free world” punches back with his ironically powerful tweets.

Hillary Clinton and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are displayed at a street vendor outside the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center [Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Because of these events, the talks of World War III erupts. It is not even in the “fake news” realm anymore. These missiles are serious. Though I believe it will not happen in an instant since there are delicate treaties and sensible world leaders still existent, we still could not deplete the possibility of the U.S. going on an all-out war with North Korea.

If this happens, is the U.S. really ready for war?

The United States military has been known to be unparalleled. They have assisted in civil wars across the globe. The U.S. military, modern-day heroes, have caused the demise of terrorist Saddam Hussein. They fight for freedom and they fight for the country.

If it was simply the military pedigree, there is a higher chance the United States would win. However, wars are not won simply by having the power of the militia. Even Winston Churchill did not depend on the military to win the World War II. No, wars are won by strategy and the strength of leadership.

That is where the United States is most vulnerable right now. Trump, since the election, has not really shown any sign of good leadership. Despite the wildly advertised prowess as a business “leader,” Trump has failed to follow through. So far, Trump has made the greatest social divide in the United States in the 20th century. Even his administration has conflicting moves and strategies. They only appear in the media as a cover up to what Trump has announced via his Twitter account.

Russian President Putin Attends Russian-Japanese Business Dialogue In Tokyo [Photo by Ma Ping - Pool/Getty Images]
Russian President Putin Attends Russian-Japanese Business Dialogue In Tokyo [Photo by Ma Ping - Pool/Getty Images]

Wars are won by great generals and Donald Trump is not one. He uses his ego to respond with crisis. He tries to salvage his reputation by vilifying the opposition, most of the time, without any hard evidence.

Trump capitalizes on hate and entitlement to rally his supporters. Unfortunately for him, history has taught us again and again that leaders who abuse power for their own self-gain eventually tramples to the ground.

Donald Trump can “order” the U.S. military to fight North Korea. He can ask the directives of his appointed military leaders. But, eventually, just as he had shown us throughout his presidency, his decisions are his and are not influenced by the advisers. Even Kellyanne Conway says it’s “inappropriate” to question Trump’s decision.

A war led by Trump will be quick and disastrous because Trump’s go-to result is his ego. Trump is like a bullying child always on self-defense. That’s why Russia and North Korea are more confident now than ever. Irk Trump, get on his nerves and win the war—a simple, but effective strategy to finally displace the United States’ standing in the world.

[Featured Image by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images]