Trump Gets Rotten Critique For Mother’s Day Proclamation Compared To Obama? [Opinion]

It is a tradition for the sitting president to proclaim the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day and keeping with American tradition, Donald Trump delivered that proclamation. Following another tradition, people came out with their scalpels to dissect and analyze every word that Trump said.

This time around, it was Trump’s Mother’s Day message that was going under this invasive procedure. To add insult to injury, they compared Trump’s message to the Mother’s Day proclamations of yesteryear passed on by Barack Obama. Using Obama’s words like an X-ray showing a perfect bone, the critics compared Trump’s message and came back with the diagnosis that his message was severely broken.

Donald Trump will turn 71 next month on June 14, Barack Obama is 15 years younger at 55-years-old, so the two men grew up in different eras and different times. It appeared that Donald Trump may have fashioned his speech after his own mother’s qualities by drawing from his own experience. Most would agree this conveys the true meaning of Mother’s Day.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, went more political with his speech. As Quartz reports, Barack Obama’s Mother’s Day proclamation from back in 2012 “contains a lengthy paragraph on the challenges faced daily by working moms in America, as well as his administration’s efforts to improve their lot.”

Quartz‘s comparison claimed Donald Trump’s message was “light on substance.” They also said that Trump “treats mothers as people who belong first and foremost in the home.” Trump never said that. His message was heartfelt and it contained praises that any mom would be proud to hear from their children. The complete message is displayed on the White website.

Obama made a political memo, more so than passing along a Mother’s Day message. He used this venue to praise his Affordable Care Act, which would later be known as “Obamacare.” Obama’s speech was long and it kept coming back to what his administration was going to do for the hard-working mothers of this nation.

Trump offered up a snapshot of what a mother does for their children, not what he was going to do for the mothers of the nation. Quartz’s critique claimed that Trump “fails to celebrate mothers for anything other than their role in bearing and nurturing children.” They go on to say that they are not surprised by this.

Quartz also used Trump’s future health care plans as a foundation for how they see his outlook on the women of this nation. They compared this outlook to a dystopian novel, which was also made into a TV series, called the Handmaid’s Tale. For those not familiar with this book or series, women were treated horribly. This futuristic setting had women stripped of all their rights and “relegates them to reproductive slavery.” This is how Quartz describes this work of literature while comparing it to Trump’s mindset.

Fox News posted a blurb on Facebook that Trump made his Mother’s Day proclamation. It didn’t take long for the horrible comments to appear, but they were overrun by Trump’s supporters who thought his message captured the true meaning of Mother’s Day. Here are some of the comments from people who supported Donald Trump from the Fox News Facebook page.

Jenny Hover Simmons said, “I truly enjoy reading all the liberals hateful comments. They keep proving why we elected President Trump and why conservatives will continue to win for many years to come. They really have no acceptance of anyone that doesn’t agree with their hateful racist views and keep proving who the real racists are.”

Geriann Jason Rayburn said, “We have a great president no matter what anyone says! He ALWAYS shows appreciation for everyone! Thank you, president Trump.”

Regina Carroll said, “Thank you, President Trump, for your selfless acts to bring back law and order and honor to our country despite verbal attacks to you and your family. You are truly a man of the people.”

Trump is a “man of the people” and it seems almost unbelievable that someone can find so much fault in a Mother’s Day message that says nothing but good things about the role of a mother. The three comments above represent a good majority of what people had to say after reading what Trump passed along for his Mother’s Day proclamation.

There is a time and a place for everything and Donald Trump used his time for delivering a Mother’s Day message and nothing else. In comparison, Barack Obama’s message that was compared to Trump’s used the time for political reasons and he gave himself many pats on the back for his work as president. Donald Trump didn’t do this, he honored the mothers of this nation. So who should get the better grade here? That would be Donald Trump all the way.

[Featured Image by Steve Helber/AP Images]