‘Last Man Standing’ Update – Canceled But Not Going Away Quietly? [Opinion]

ABC has stirred up the masses and spawned angry fans since the word got out about the cancellation of the show Last Man Standing. When looking at the stats, it understandable that fans are peeved as it sits near the top of the prime-time ratings.

Last Man Standing is the second most-watched comedy series on TV today, so fans are questioning what could have possibly transpired to cause the recent decision to cancel this show. While the origin of this sudden and unusual show cancellation is not known, there are a couple of theories spinning around online today that might explain it.

Fox News reports in an update today that “ABC is accused of playing politics” by canceling this Tim Allen show. The cancellation of this show has sparked the fans into taking action, such as appealing to ABC to reconsider and if not, there will be a push to boycott the ABC channel, reports an article published from the Inquisitr earlier this week.

Still, the reason to oust this show has to be fairly serious if ABC is willing to throw away the 8.1 million weekly viewers who tune in to see Tim Allen in action. Is this cancellation a pre-curser to the 2020 run for president of the nation? Is this move clearing any baggage for a possible opponent for Donald Trump in the next presidential election?

Despite ABC reportedly having its heart set on the cancellation of Last Man Standing, it is not a show that fans are going to let snake away quietly. There are four petitions going online aimed at ABC, but there is also serious talk online among the Last Man Standing fans of boycotting the ABC channel completely until the show is renewed. This show is so popular that it even has a governor speaking out against the cancellation of Last Man Standing.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker tweeted his thoughts along with a link to an article from the Daily Wire that reports ABC’s cancellation of Last Man Standing. Walker also suggests that ABC is “playing politics,” and he called the situation “sad,” as seen in the tweet below.


The theories regarding the cancellation of the show are all political in nature. Some believe it was something that Tim Allen, who is the star of the show, said while doing a late night show interview with Jimmy Kimmel back in March. According to Heat Street, Allen told Kimmel that living in Hollywood in this day and age is like being in Nazi Germany.

A good number of viewers believe the decision to cancel this Tim Allen comedy series was made by “liberal ABC, owned by Disney, primarily because the series is about an unashamedly conservative character (Mike Baxter) played by a conservative actor, ” writes Heat Street. Then there is a long-running rumor that Bob Iger, who is the long-time CEO of Disney, is positioning himself to run for president.

Back in June, Igler told the Hollywood Reporter that he has been approached about running for office. He has denied that he will run for governor or even the Senate, but he didn’t deny a run for the White House. When reporting about the canceled show, Heat Street suggests, “It is, however, also possible that it has to do with ABC’s reluctance to promote conservative politics on its network.”

Last Man Standing has aired for six seasons, and it is still riding on top of the ratings. Canceling a show with this kind of stats is virtually unheard of. According to Moviefone news, ABC’s loss could be another network’s gain. There is a possibility that Last Man Standing could get a new life somewhere else, but that would be left up to 20th Century Fox TV and their ability to find a network to take on the show.

There is no word from ABC or the show’s star Tim Allen as to why the decision was made to oust Last Man Standing. Fans are peeved and below there are just a few tweets that best mirror the majority of the social media postings after news of Last Man Standing being put out to pasture hit online.


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