Comey Fired, Spicer In Bushes, Oval Office Russians And White House Tapes. Bad Week For Donald Trump [Opinion]

With FBI Director James Comey fired, Sean Spicer in the bushes, Russian spies in the Oval Office and secret White House tapes, it’s been a really bad week for Donald Trump. What’s up for next week? Only Trump and his early morning hashtagging thumb have a clue, so brace yourself.

In a series of tweets and outrageous actions, Donald Trump has managed to once again put himself in the potential position of being impeached. The fact that less than four months into the Trump administration there have been multiple gaffes and insane decisions by the Trump administration that could potentially lead to impeachment speaks volumes about this pseudo-presidency.

Trump shugs at Republican debate.
Trump shugs at Republican debate. [Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

James Comey Fired

As reported by CNN, President Donald Trump on Tuesday unexpectedly fired FBI director James Comey – shocking many inside and outside the White House. In fact, the White House staff itself was so surprised it had to scramble to cobble together a story explaining the firing. The result didn’t lean heavily on believability.

Unfortunately for them, their highly improbable tale that Trump fired Comey three months into his presidency because Comey was mean to Hillary Clinton back during the 2016 election doesn’t quite hold water. Particularly with Trump calling Comey courageous at the time and joining in the chants of “lock her up.”

FBI Director James Comey testifying.
FBI Director James Comey testifying. [Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

But Donald Trump then did an interview with Lester Holt in which he rejected his own cover story and admitted that yes, he had in fact intended to fire FBI Director Comey because he wanted the Russia investigation to come to an end. So it’s not even speculation anymore; Donald Trump flatly said he fired Comey to block the investigation. Try spinning that.

Sean Spicer in the Bushes

After having Comey fired, Donald Trump was supposedly surprised by the uproar in the media, having apparently assumed that everyone would love it. Perhaps he thought he could rely on his crack White House communications team to deal with any blowback.

So almost as bad as the surprises around having Comey fired was the hilarious and incredibly embarrassing spectacle of Sean Spicer hiding in the White House bushes to avoid the press corps. It’s almost like Saturday Night Live doesn’t need to bother writing a script anymore.

Oval Office Russians

In an astoundingly tone deaf move – but hardly a surprising one for Donald Trump – the White House chose to invite Sergei Lavrov – Russia’s foreign minister – and Sergei Kislyak – Russia’s ambassador to the United States – to the Oval Office one day after firing FBI Director Comey for investigating Trump’s ties to Russia. That’s not suspicious at all.

As reported by CNN, inviting Russians into the Oval Office at this juncture might seem politically suicidal. But that’s not even all of it, since Sergei Kislyak’s contact with former national security advisor Michael Flynn was what forced Flynn to resign. Kislyak was also in contact with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which compelled Sessions to recuse himself from the Flynn investigation. Yet there he was in the Oval Office shaking hands with Donald Trump as they all laughed jovially over the day’s events. Keep moving – nothing to see here.

AG Sessions announced recusal, before Comey fired.
AG Sessions announced recusal, before Comey fired. [Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

White House Tapes

To top off the week, Trump decided to engage in a bit of Nixonian nostalgia by implying that he might just have tapes of his conversations and that James Comey had better watch his step when he’s talking to the media about their little contretemps.

Not only was this blatant threat and attempted blackmail pointless – since with Comey fired the former director apparently doesn’t care what Trump releases – it also harkens back to Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal in which Nixon taped conversations that ultimately helped bring down his administration. Already, Democrats are demanding copies of any White House tapes. Whoops.

[Featured Image by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]