Michelle Obama Slams Trump For Changing Putrid School Lunches Kids Wouldn’t Eat? [Opinion]

Michelle Obama appeared to paint Donald Trump as a man who doesn’t care about children eating healthy food after his administration modified the school lunch nutritional requirements. When doing so, the Trump White House made the school kids happy, the parents happy and the school cafeteria workers happy.

There was one outspoken lady who was not happy with the modifications of the healthy school lunch program, and that was Michelle Obama. The former first lady spewed some harsh words over the change in the school lunch program during the Partnership for a Healthier America summit, where she appeared as a keynote speaker this week.

The TV news shows are echoing the sound byte of Michelle angrily shouting out a question, assumingly to Donald Trump, over this changing of the school lunch food. The tone of her speech was somewhat condescending when she threw out the question, “What is wrong with you?” She followed through by saying,

“Moms, think about this. I don’t care what state you live in. Take me out of the equation; like me, don’t like me, but think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap.”

Despite what Michelle Obama sees as a setback, she vows to continue to fight for the cause, according to CNN News. She uses her role as a mother as evidence that she has a deep passion for wanting the kid’s lunches to remain healthy.

Michelle framed the issue as a political one, accusing someone of playing “politics with our kids’ health.” As C NN News reports, Michelle Obama never mentioned Donald Trump or Melania Trump by name as she criticized the rolling back of the school lunch nutrition guidelines.

Michelle Obama’s comments come on the heels of a proclamation that relaxed the standards of whole grains, salt, and milk for the upcoming school year lunches. That proclamation was signed by Sonny Perdue, who is the Secretary of Agriculture.

The former first lady can slam Trump, his administration, or anyone else over the school lunches, but it is the parents of the kids who were expected to eat those “healthy” school lunches who are letting their voice known today via social media sites. Many pictures of the lunches that were served at schools under the umbrella of Michelle Obama’s healthy eating campaign are showing up online today. They are acting as a reminder of what the kids faced under the Obama healthy eating campaign.

To say that these lunches look less than appetizing is an understatement. While Michelle seemingly accuses Trump of not caring about the kids eating “crap,” that is a word that best describes the look of these putrid lunches the kids were served, as seen below in a tweet from the Tennesse GOP.


As this post above suggests, this is going to make a lot of high school kids happy. Not many kids would dig into a fish sandwich that has a piece of fish that looks as if it should still be swimming, which is seen in the bottom left-hand picture of the post above. The Mental Recession shared the picture and article from Menrec.com, which is seen below. It suggests, “Trump is making school lunches great again,” and Michelle Obama is just “livid” over this.


According to CNN News, Michelle Obama tweeted on Friday about her time at the summit. She said, “Glad to be back at the #PHASummit. No one should play politics with our kids’ health. We owe them. Let’s make our voices heard.”

Back in March PJ Media referred to Michelle Obama’s school lunch as a “reign of terror” as more the 5,400 school cafeteria workers represented by a lobbying group called on Donald Trump to ease up on the guidelines of the school lunch program, in which Michelle Obama was a major advocate. The Washington Examiner explained what the problem was for the cafeteria workers. They said as follows.

“The reason is simple: Studies show that public school students aren’t eating what cafeterias are serving, turning many operations into money-losers. While the school districts can opt out, doing so results in federal subsidy cuts for those programs.”

One of the words making it into the news stories when describing the healthy lunches promoted by Michelle Obama was “yuck.” Parents were angry because kids weren’t eating the unappetizing lunches created under this program and after seeing the pictures of these lunches, one can hardly blame the kids. These lunches were served meeting the guidelines, but apparently, Michelle Obama forgot one important component. For the kids to get that nutrition she is so adamant about, they have to actually eat the food.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]