Who Should Get The Next Shot At Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal Title? [Opinion]

It looks like Brock Lesnar will be around quite a bit in the summer months, as the current WWE Universal Champion is scheduled to return to the company in June, and he’ll probably end up working every summer pay-per-view.

Originally, Lesnar’s first challenger was going to be Braun Strowman, but now that the big man is hurt, WWE is looking for someone to take his place. Sure, Strowman isn’t expected to be out of action for an extended period of time, however, his injury will likely force WWE to push his first singles match with Lesnar back to SummerSlam in August.

So, the question now is, who should take Braun Strowman’s place? Well, there aren’t very many choices.

The first and most obvious option is Finn Balor, who never actually lost the Universal Championship, as he was forced to relinquish it less than 24 hours after winning it due to injury. To me though, Lesnar vs. Balor is a pretty big deal, and if WWE wants the Demon King to be a legit main event player, they shouldn’t have him get killed by The Beast at a random summer pay-per-view. I’ve always been an advocate for Lesnar vs. Balor for the title at WrestleMania, where Balor can defeat Lesnar after a one-year reign. However, we all know that the main event spot is being reserved for Roman Reigns and not Finn Balor. So, to me, WWE shouldn’t do Balor vs. Lesnar. At least not yet.

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Next, we have Seth Rollins, who had a pretty forgettable match with Brock Lesnar two years ago. But, it wasn’t forgettable because it was a bad match, because it wasn’t. It was forgettable because of the surprise return of The Undertaker, who appeared out of nowhere and attacked Lesnar right as he was about defeat Rollins. The two haven’t had a rematch since, and a second encounter would surely be a lot more memorable than the first one. Is it the right time to do it though? Sure. A loss to Lesnar probably wouldn’t hurt Rollins, especially if Samoa Joe costs him the match. So, to me, Rollins should get the shot at either the June or July pay-per-view.

The other two possible contenders are Dean Ambrose and Samoa Joe. We’ve already seen Dean work with Brock before, and it wasn’t good, so that’ll probably make WWE shy away from doing that match again. As for Joe, it’d at least be something new. But, much like with Finn Balor, my personal opinion is that Joe vs. Lesnar is a WrestleMania-caliber match that shouldn’t take place on a B-PPV in the middle of the summer.

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There’s a chance that Braun Strowman will make it back in time for the July show, and that all of this talk about “who should challenge Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire?” will end up being a complete waste of time. But, for now at least, it looks like someone else will be in the ring with the Universal Champion come July.

As previously mentioned, of all the potential candidates, Seth Rollins is probably the best choice. The two will have a great match, and a loss won’t hurt him as bad as all the other potential contenders, with the exception of Dean Ambrose. But, I also mentioned before that Lesnar and Ambrose didn’t work well together, so unless WWE is convinced that they can have a better match this time around, we won’t see Lesnar vs. Ambrose on July 9.

WWE could throw a curve ball at us and have Bray Wyatt be Lesnar’s opponent in July, with his reason being that he never got an official rematch for the WWE Championship. Moreover, he could use the fact that he defeated the other brand’s champion in a non-title match as a reason why he should get the shot against Lesnar.

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