Will Barron Trump Have Soup Kitchen Duty In His Future At New School? [Opinion]

Barron Trump’s new school sounds extremely different from the prestigious school that the youngest child of Donald Trump is now attending in New York City. While the cost is still right up there at $38,590 a year, the new school sounds as if it mirrors a real-life curriculum, more so than even some of the public schools offer today.

Donald and Melania Trump selected St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac as the school Barron will attend while living at the White House, according to the latest reports. He will have a 15-mile commute each way, every day to this school that enrolls 580 students ranging from preschool to grade 12. According to Patch, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School operates on 12-week trimesters.

This school’s record for students going on to college can’t get any better as 100 percent of their graduates go on to attend college. If Barron continues attending this school through his middle school studies, he will work in a soup kitchen during a two-day field trip with his class.

Serving the homeless, eating with the homeless and listening to the life stories of the people without a home at this soup kitchen is part of the school’s “service learning activities.” According to The Heavy, other potential candidates for Barron’s education once moving to the White House were St. Albans School and Sidwell Friends Academy.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s girls both attended Sidwell Friends Acadamy and their youngest daughter Sasha is still a student there. According to St. Andrew’s website, they offer state-of-the-art classrooms. The school boasts a student-teacher ratio of seven to one, with their classroom size averaging 11 students.

The school was started in 1978 with 40 students in a basement of a church, and it has grown to 580 students today. The school moved to their 19-acre campus in 1998. The school mirrors the real world with its focus on diversity. According to Patch, “less than half of the student population is white.”

The Daily Caller reports that the students come from many different religions. The “student body consists of 16 percent Episcopalians, 18 percent Roman Catholics, 10 percent Jews and one percent Muslims. Twenty-three percent of students are of other Protestant denominations, and 21 percent of students had either no religion or did not declare.”

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School does not sound as if it prides itself on offering a posh education. It sounds like a school that offers an education focusing on building a foundation for the students in a world that contains real-life scenarios that kids like Barron seldom experience, such as working with the homeless. With 100 percent of the graduates of St. Andrew’s going to college, it sounds as if the school is very successful in their goals.

First son Barron Trump attends the Easter egg roll at the White House.
Barron Trump at the Easter Egg Roll [Image by Win McNamee]

The founder of eBay, Joe Jacobi, is an alumnus of the school that sports the motto of “Increase of Mind and Spirit.” Donald and Melania Trump have not talked about what school Barron would be attending once moving to the White House. While reports today name the school, there is no official word from Melania and Donald Trump on the school they’ve selected for Barron, other than it is a “good school,” as the Washington Post reports.

Donald Trump did announce that they enrolled Barron in a local school in Washington, D.C. for the next school year, but he declined to name the school. The Daily Caller reports that it was a source from the Mirror who reported the name of Barron’s new school.

You really can’t blame Donald Trump for not wanting to offer up the name of the school after what Barron and his school in New York City endured from reporters. At one point, Melania was traveling back and forth to school with Barron and the Secret Service. At that time, the reporters waited daily to get a shot of Melania Trump.

According to the Washington Post back in March, reporters gave up waiting outside Barron’s school for a chance to capture Melania Trump in a photo because she stopped accompanying her son. Barron was transported to school and back home again by the Secret Service while Melania stayed at home in Trump Tower. Apparently, the morning barrage of photographers and reporters were something Melania was attempting to avoid when she stopped making the commute with Barron.

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