A Nintendo Switch ‘GTA 6’ Port Is Not Impossible At All [Opinion]

Grand Theft Auto 6 might very well be two, or even three years away, but that has not stopped rumors about the game from emerging in full force. Despite the overall lack of official information about the upcoming title, avid fans of the long-running crime simulator franchise have continued speculating about the possible specifics of the upcoming AAA title. Among these, of course, are the platforms that GTA 6 would be released under. Fans of the franchise already know that the game would be available on Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and the PC. The question, therefore, is if the highly anticipated game would eventually make its way to the king of hybrid consoles today, the Nintendo Switch.

Looking at the surface of Nintendo and Rockstar Games, the two firms could not be any more different. Rockstar thrives in Mature-rated, adult-oriented games, while Nintendo is widely known for being a company that is extremely insistent on family-friendly titles. Thus, while rumors exist about the GTA 6 possibly being released for the Japanese gaming giant’s latest and arguably greatest console to date, numerous fans of the crime simulator have voiced their skepticism over the possibility of a GTA 6 port to the Nintendo Switch.


It’s a terrible shame too, if the upcoming AAA title never makes it to the Switch. After all, Nintendo’s console currently stands as the best dedicated portable gaming device on the market today. The Switch’s power, massive screen, and physical controls offer no less than the best gaming experience in the handheld industry. Considering that handhelds are platforms that GTA has rarely dipped itself into, the Switch would be a perfect match for the upcoming game. Apart from this, Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, voiced his support for the Nintendo console, according to a GameSpot report.

Inasmuch as the idea of GTA 6 for the Nintendo Switch seems to be outlandish, however, such a partnership is not impossible. In fact, over the course of the Grand Theft Auto franchise’s long history, the series has released not just one, but two dedicated titles for Nintendo’s handheld consoles. Yes, that’s right. There was once a Grand Theft Auto Advance for the Game Boy Advance and a Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS. Both of these titles are not PG-rated versions of the series, either. Both, especially the latter, are true-born GTA games, in all their notorious, crime-centric glory.

Grand Theft Auto Advance, released during the end of the GTA III era, was a throwback to the classic top-down style of the first games in the franchise. While Rockstar Games did not fully develop the game, it was nonetheless a very familiar GTA title for avid fans of the series. The handheld title featured notable side missions, as well as a story that is closely tied to the series’ canon, according to an IGN report. The game itself was lauded as one of the most notable Mature titles ever released for the Game Boy Advance, despite the fact that it lacked the music, variety, and overall feel of a full-fledged GTA console title.


Years would pass before Rockstar and Nintendo eventually collaborated once more for yet another GTA portable game. By then, the handheld Grand Theft Auto experience was dominated by titles that were released for the PlayStation Portable, or PSP. When GTA came back to Nintendo, it was in the form of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, a cel-shaded tale of blood, revenge, and tons of drugs. Over the course of the game, the player would be tasked to deal narcotics such as heroin and cocaine on the streets, all from the harmless, child-friendly Nintendo DS. The game would eventually become a critical and success, however, becoming one of the most acclaimed DS games of its generation.

Nintendo might be one of the most conservative gaming firms in the gaming industry, but the Japanese giant knows a good game when it sees one. Considering the sheer amount of effort that Rockstar is putting into GTA 6, there is a pretty fair chance that the upcoming title might be enough to finally persuade Nintendo to dip its hands in Rockstar’s Mature-rated franchise once more.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]