Dallas Cowboys To Honor Tony Romo, But When And How? [Opinion]

Tony Romo will return to the Dallas Cowboys at some time during the season. Before any Tony Romo fans get too excited, he will not be playing quarterback for the Cowboys. Dak Prescott also needs not to worry about his status as the Cowboys’ starter. And no, Tony Romo is not setting up to join another NFL team.

It is being reported that the Dallas Cowboys will honor their former starting quarterback, according to ESPN‘s Todd Archer. No official date has been set. And for now no one knows how the Cowboys plan to honor Romo.

Dallas Cowboys’ owner and general manager Jerry Jones revealed the team’s plans to salute Tony Romo.

“We will look to the future on timing as to when we might have more recognition. At this time, there are no plans for there to be a large-scale public [event], something at the stadium, something at a ballgame or anything like that. There are not succinct plans to do that. Is the idea that recognizing him for what he has done for the Cowboys is likely? Yes.”

It is not a secret that Jones holds Romo in high regard. Leading up to the start of NFL free agency, Jones allowed Romo and his representatives to seek out other opportunities where he could start. Romo initially got injured in preseason last summer, and then-rookie Dak Prescott stepped in as the starter. Prescott would go on to play well at quarterback. Prescott performed well enough for the Cowboys to keep a clipboard in Romo’s hands once he became healthy.

After the playoffs, and as the offseason drew closer, Romo’s status grew cloudy. He would go on to take a job at the CBS Network to be their lead football analyst.

Curiously enough, Tony Romo could have continued playing football. It was not as if he did not have suitors. He admitted that the Houston Texans were on the phone with him in an effort to convince him to sign on there.

Romo as the starter of the Houston Texans would have been a sure thing. Him being good as a lead analyst is not. Neither is his retirement. According to Sporting News, that is why Jerry Jones will wait before he sets a date to honor Romo.

The reason for that is because Romo is not officially retired. He just has a new career in broadcasting (courtesy of the NFL website) where he will take over from former CBS lead analyst Phil Simms.

On the day that Romo took the lead analyst position, he spoke of his career change.

“Going from one legendary team to another as I begin the next phase of my career is a dream come true. I have always known that once my playing career was over I wanted to become a broadcaster. I am ecstatic for the opportunity to work with Jim as I learn the craft and convey to fans my passion for this great game.”

Never was there an admission about returning to football or retirement. And that is holding the Cowboys hostage in regard to the Tony Romo celebration.

Jerry Jones is willing to wait until Romo is officially finished with playing football. Once he and the Cowboys decide to honor him, the question then becomes, how will the Cowboys do it?

Will the Dallas Cowboys retire Romo’s No. 4 jersey?

That is unlikely to happen. Tony Romo does hold most of the Dallas Cowboys’ passing records, but he never was able to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl. Also, the Cowboys are one of four NFL teams without any retired jersey numbers (courtesy of ESPN).

What is most likely to happen is that eventually the Cowboys will place Tony Romo in their Ring of Honor.

The timing of everything all depends on when Tony Romo opts to file his papers. When that happens, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys will set up a day to honor him.

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