‘The Voice’ 2017 Top 8 Power Rankings: Who Has Best Chance Of Winning? [Opinion]

The Voice Season 12 has been whittled down to just eight artists, so with just two weeks until the finale, who has the best shot of winning?

The Voice went from the Top 10 to the Top 8 on Tuesday night’s results show. With the elimination of Mark Isaiah and Lilli Passero, Team Adam Levine is down to just one artist while Team Blake Shelton still has all three of his artists and Team Gwen Stefani and Team Alicia Keys each have two artists left. The competition will become more fierce in next week’s Semifinals when the Top 8 is cut in half, with the Top 4 singing in the finale.

The top three vote-getters automatically advance to the finale, the bottom two are instantly eliminated and the middle three fight for the Instant Save to get the fourth finale slot, while the other two are eliminated.

Which artist will take it home and win Season 12 of The Voice? The following is a power ranking for the Top 8, listed in order from least likely to most likely to win.

8. Vanessa Ferguson (Team Alicia)

Vanessa Ferguson The Voice
Vanessa Ferguson on 'The Voice' Top 10 [Image by Trae Patton/NBC]

Vanessa had the unfortunate distinction of landing in the Bottom 3 during Tuesday night’s Voice results show. While the versatile performer was able out-sing both Mark and Lilli and advance via the Twitter Instant Save, the fact that she slipped into the bottom means she’s almost certainly not winning The Voice. No artist who has had to compete for the Instant Save has ever won The Voice and unless she performs above and beyond next Monday, she will likely be eliminated.

7. TSoul (Team Blake)

TSoul The Voice
TSoul on 'The Voice' Top 10 [Image by Tyler Golden/NBC]

TSoul has steadily increased his popularity since The Voice Playoffs where he did not get voted through by America. Blake picked TSoul as his “Coach Choice” and he has advanced through public vote the past three weeks. While he is picking up steam overall, he hasn’t had the iTunes support to suggest winner potential just yet and at the end of the day, it’s a reach for a “Coach Choice” to make it to the finale.

6. Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake)

Aliyah Moulden on The Voice
Aliyah Moulden on 'The Voice' Top 10 [Image by Trae Patton/NBC]

Aliyah is in a similar spot as TSoul in that she hasn’t had the level of support of other artists higher in this ranking. However, the young singer did have a memorable moment with her performance of Labrinth’s “Jealous” this week and if she can elevate even further in the Semifinals, she may have a shot, but there are too many other frontrunners right now with seemingly bigger fanbases and she may get lost in the shuffle.

5. Jesse Larson (Team Adam)

Jesse Larson The Voice
Aliyah Moulden on 'The Voice' Top 10 [Image by Tyler Golden/NBC]

Jesse is now the sole representative for Team Adam, but there is a chance that the Maroon 5 frontman is left without a team in the finale. Jesse, a rock musician, could benefit from not having any similar artists in the competition and if he shows off his impressive guitar skills and vocal chops, he could sneak into the finale. He also has a good shot of nabbing that fourth finale spot through the Instant Save depending on who else is up for the vote.

4. Chris Blue (Team Alicia)

Chris Blue The Voice
Chris Blue on 'The Voice' Top 10 [Image by Tyler Golden/NBC]

Chris has been the no. 1 seed on Alicia’s team from the start, with his blend of powerful R&B vocals and showmanship. Even if Chris does not have the votes to automatically advance to the finale next week, he could easily provide a show-stopping Instant Save performance and rack up votes to get the fourth finale slot. What ranks him below the top three is that he has yet to get a song into the Top 10 on iTunes, while the other three have. Since the institution of the iTunes bonus in Season 3, every singer that went on to win had at least one iTunes bonus along the way.

3. Brennley Brown (Team Gwen)

Brennley Brown The Voice
Brennley Brown on 'The Voice' Top 10 [Image by Tyler Golden/NBC]

Brennley was the first Voice contestant this season to get an iTunes bonus, though she hasn’t had one since the Top 12. Yet the country singer’s fanbase remains strong, and her likability combined with her strong vocals for such a young artist have helped create a rooting factor. She hasn’t had the clear popularity of the top two artists, but if she continues to charm and perform powerful ballads she could be in it to win it.

2. Hunter Plake (Team Gwen)

Hunter Plake The Voice
Hunter Plake on 'The Voice' Top 10 [Image by Tyler Golden/NBC]

Hunter has achieved an iTunes bonus each of the past two weeks, with his mysterious, alternative pop vibe resonating with many viewers. He is one of the most relevant artists left in the competition, especially with the popularity of bands like Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons, and he could easily pull off a win. Hunter has a great shot of giving Gwen her first win as a coach, though his slightly cool, detached performance style may not be enough to win over a wide swath of voters.

1. Lauren Duski (Team Blake)

Lauren Duski The Voice
Lauren Duski on 'The Voice' Top 10 [Image by Tyler Golden/NBC]

Lauren is the complete package for a female country artist, especially on The Voice. She has smooth vocals, a warm stage presence and, let’s face it, the trademark blonde hair. She has really resonated with viewers, nabbing two iTunes bonuses and even making it all the way up to no. 3 on the chart for her performance of Billy Dean’s “Somewhere in My Broken Heart.” What separates her as the most likely winner is her approachability and her refreshingly mature, but not old-fashioned approach to music, making her an easy contestant to root for. We’ve seen country artists win The Voice four times in 11 seasons, and Lauren could very easily make it five in 12.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

[Featured Image by Trae Patton/NBC]