Phaedra Parks’ Legal Career In Jeopardy? Here’s Why Porsha Williams Should Ditch Parks [Opinion]

Phaedra Parks was caught in some drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season and the drama was so intense that she seems to have lost all credibility with fans. On the reunion special, it was revealed that Parks had lied to Porsha Williams – one of her best friends – about Kandi Burruss’ supposed comments about wanting to drug her to have sex with her. Phaedra had essentially said that Kandi wanted to rape Porsha, which obviously didn’t sit well with Porsha. But when Porsha learned that Parks may have stretched the truth to hurt her former friend, she distanced herself from Parks.

Since the reunion special, Porsha hasn’t talked to Phaedra Parks. She’s been very hurt by the betrayal and it was even more hurtful that Phaedra didn’t defend herself or set the record straight. Williams has now spoken out about the betrayal and she isn’t rushing out to resolve their issues. And she shouldn’t make up with Phaedra Parks, as Phaedra’s reputation has been completely tarnished. According to a new Bravo report, Phaedra Parks may have ruined the one friendship that was worth hanging on to on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


“This whole situation has just been hard for me. I mean, just so difficult. It’s difficult for me to even watch it,” Porsha has revealed about her friendship with Parks these days, adding, “It’s difficult because I love Phaedra. She was, like, my best friend. Like, somebody I talked to on the phone every single day. And for me to feel like she had betrayed me like that, that’s the part that I just can’t get past. And I don’t really know if I ever will.”

“I don’t know what else to say. Of course I have a soft spot for Phaedra. It’s where you don’t want to be manipulated anymore. I just don’t want to hear any more of it right now,” Williams revealed, adding that the door is possibly still open, “I may get to a point where I’m strong enough to where I can talk to her and we can maybe work through it. But right now, it’s still so new for me.”

While Porsha is thinking about forgiving her former friend for the betrayal, many viewers are not so eager to forgive and forget. It is interesting that Parks is a lawyer and she knows that defamation is something you could sue over. She knew she was putting herself in a situation that could result in a lawsuit. This lawyer is playing dirty and she could face a lawsuit over her desire to create some drama. And this is exactly why Porsha should ditch her friendship with Parks.


And it sounds like she is thinking about ditching Phaedra Parks as a friend, as she has no desire to have a friendship these days.

“Am I looking for a friendship? No, not at all, because there’s still, you know, some people it’s just like you want to be friends with them again. Some people, you’re just like, ‘I’m gonna just let that stay where it’s at.’ So I’m not really looking for a friendship with her.”

And this is a wise decision, especially since Porsha has various business ventures she’s working. She doesn’t want someone in her life who is willing to risk her own legal reputation for a simple lie that could create drama on a reality show. She wants to grow her business ventures and make money, not risk it all by being involved with a liar.

What do you think of Phaedra Parks losing her friend on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Do you agree that Porsha should just move on?

[Featured Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Warner Bros.]