Our Lady Of Fatima: Did Mary And The Angels Of Mons Work To End World War I? [Opinion]

Our Lady of Fatima is a well-known story today as people honor the one-hundredth anniversary of the heavenly visions of three children who saw Mary, the Madonna. Were the visions seen by ten-year-old Lucia dos Santos and her two cousins related to visions of the Angels of Mons? Visions of angels were reportedly seen by both German and British World War I soldiers at the battle of Mons in Belgium.

World War I started in July 1914 and continued until November 1919. The National Catholic Register reported that World War I was without parallel in its time. Trench warfare, mustard gas, and nightmarish conditions were previously unknown to the farmers turned soldiers, in the still vastly agrarian world of that time. Were the Angels of Mons and Our Lady of Fatima really God protecting them?

Were the Angels of Mons and Our Lady of Fatima as Mary divine intervention to save the soldiers of World War I? The Angels of Mons are said to have appeared during World War I, effectively stopping battles. Our Lady of Fatima asked the world to pray for peace.

Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal, according to Catholic tradition, wanted peace. Our Lady of Fatima, Mary, in essence, urged the children to pray for peace, and for all people to be faithful in their spiritual practices in order to avert greater tragedy.

The Angels of Mons were reported to have protected British troops from slaughter by the Germans according to accounts found on the Warfare History Network. Mostly, though, The Angels of Mons and other angelic sightings during the war seemed determined to stop battles.

The World War I Battle of Mons was said to be halted by some sort of divine intervention involving The Angels of Mons. There were glowing bowmen, three glowing angels, an ethereal man on a white horse and an ethereal female figure who led British soldiers to safety and away from the fight.

The Angels of Mons were also seen by a large number of German Soldiers, who retreated at the sight of these Angelic figures that appeared in a cloud according to various accounts. There were similar reports of Angel of Mons like occurrences in France and other places as well, according to the Warfare History Network. These occurrences were documented in the One Step Beyond episode below.

Our Lady of Fatima, as Mary the Madonna, reportedly appeared in a vision to three shepherd children for the first time on May 13, 1917. For the next six months, all the children saw a vision of Our Lady of Fatima or Mary on the thirteenth day of each month. The Madonna revealed many secrets to these children.

Our Lady of Fatima, at the end of the sixth month, foretold the end of World War I soon. Our Lady of Fatima also predicted the horrors of the Russian Revolution, the rise of the Soviet Union and the coming religious persecution brought about by the Soviets. Our Lady Fatima, Mother Mary urged the people to pray to avert the many tragedies. World War I did end soon, largely due to the Spanish flu, that made the fight impossible to continue due to widespread sickness.

Our Lady of Fatima is a representation of The Virgin Mary
Our Lady of Fatima is the Virgin Mary [Image by Mizio/Shutterstock]

The Angels of Mons had not been able to stop the war, though the Angels of Mons visions did interrupt many battles with an assortment of visionary occurrences. Our Lady of Fatima really didn’t end the war either, despite dire warnings. But the Spanish flu saw an end to World War I and saved lives despite taking a death toll of its own.

Did Our Lady of Fatima and the Angels of Mons attempt many times to dissuade mankind from warfare? Were all these sightings of The Angels of Mons just mass hallucinations brought about by terror and poisonous gas? Did Our Lady of Fatima really appear to three children near the end of WWI?

World War I soldiers
World War I soldiers [Image by Keith Tarrier/Shutterstock]

World War I casualties were shocking. About 59.5 million men from many different countries died in the war. Russia lost 9.1 million, accounting for 76 percent of their troops. Were Our Lady of Fatima, and the Angels of Mons divine interventions? Our Lady of Fatima was a warning but had battles not been interrupted by the Angels of Mons visions, and the Spanish flu not swept Europe at the time, the death toll could have been much higher? Was the Spanish Flu really a blessing, in that it stopped the war?

Did the Madonna Mary, as Our Lady of Fatima, and the Angels of Mons work together to end World War I?

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