Thomas Gibson Fans At #NoHotchNoWatch Are Disappointed With ‘Criminal Minds’ [Opinion]

Criminal Minds seems to be at war with Thomas Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch. Still, if CBS would put that aside long enough to listen, they might learn a lot about what these formerly avid fans wanted from them.

Although Thomas Gibson’s #GibsonArmy doesn’t watch their once favorite crime drama anymore, they do keep abreast of the ratings, the weekly plots and the casting changes. More viewers are joining the boycott all the time, but is anyone listening?

#NoHotchNoWatch is a goldmine of comments about what Thomas Gibson fans want from their television shows. Essentially, they wanted more of the same qualities, plots, and cast they had grown accustomed to for the past 11 seasons.

Since Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds, his avid fans have been boycotting the show as reported by the Inquisitr. They are angry because of the way Thomas Gibson’s dismissal was handled, and for that matter that he was dismissed at all.

With Criminal Minds season finale airing tonight, the #GibsonArmy on #NoHotchNoWatch is already gearing up for Season 13. #NoHotchNoWatch isn’t going away over the summer, but they will hit CBS and ABC harder than ever next fall unless their demands are met.

Thomas Gibson was reportedly fired by CBS and ABC, who share an interest in Criminal Minds according to Deadline. CBS airs Criminal Minds in the United States but ABC has the international rights. Many at #NoHotchNoWatch are boycotting two entire networks, in addition to not watching Criminal Minds.

Criminal MInds Cast 2006 with Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Shemar Moore

It is important to remember that #NoHotchNoWatch is made up of formerly avid fans of Criminal Minds who loved the show, largely because of Thomas Gibson, but also loved the other actors. These are, for the most part, not casual viewers.

Most #NoHotchNoWatch activists loved Criminal Minds like Trekkies love Star Trek. If they had held a Criminal Minds version of Comic-Con a year ago, these are the people who would have shown up in full costume with all the props.

Did Criminal Minds, CBS, and ABC calculate the impact firing Thomas Gibson would have on loyal fans? What they did was the emotional equivalent of Star Trek firing William Shatner. William Shatner had some issues with some of his fellow cast members according to the Mirror but no one tried to replace Captin Kirk.

After the first 11 seasons, Criminal Minds viewers knew what to expect. They knew the parameters of criminal investigation and profiling as explained in the show. Most of all though they felt secure with the cast.

Thomas Gibson and Kirsten Vangsness of Criminal Minds

Now Thomas Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch find that security in each other. Friendships have blossomed among the people who once watched Criminal Minds. They’ve not only organized, they have bonded.


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Thomas Gibson fans at #No HotchNoWatch continue and expand their boycott of Criminal Minds, ABC, and CBS, and plan new heights of activism in the fall.

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