Shep Rose On Sleeping With Kathryn Dennis [Opinion]

Shep Rose isn’t afraid to admit that he had a good time with his co-star, Kathryn Dennis. On his and Cameran Eubank’s latest Southern Charm After Show, which was posted on Bravo’s website after the latest Southern Charm episode aired on Monday night, Shep opened up about his past hookups with Kathryn.

The latest After Show shows Shep and Cameran talking about the most recent Southern Charm episode while in Cameran’s car going through a fast food restaurant’s drive-thru. Shep brought up the yoga session that he did with Kathryn. Shep admitted that Kathryn’s “mixed-up” but said that she’s nice.

“So I got a phone call from Kathryn and, uh, she asked me to do yoga with her so I did that…She’s into it [yoga]. She’s a nice kid. She’s a mixed-up kid but she’s nice…”

Cameran asked Shep about his past sexual escapades with Kathryn.

“Do you remember about the times that you had sex with Kathryn?”

“Yeah,” Shep immediately responded.

“Do you remember them fondly?” Cameran asked.

Shep, laughing, enthusiastically said that he had a good time with Kathryn, which prompted Cameran to laugh.

“Yeah. They were good. It was good.”

On a previous Southern Charm season, it was revealed that Kathryn Dennis had sex with Shep Rose, as well as co-stars Whitney Sudler-Smith and Thomas Ravenel. While Kathryn’s relationships with Shep and Whitney didn’t really go beyond a fling, Kathryn ended up having two children with Thomas. In one scene in a previous season, Shep and Whitney actually joked about how they were wise enough to use protection, unlike Thomas. Kathryn is now embroiled in a custody battle with Ravenel after losing custody of the children early last year for failing a drug test.

On the season 4 premiere episode, Kathryn finally admitted that she spent the summer in a Malibu rehab facility after failing a court-ordered drug test. In a later episode, Kathryn also admitted that she hadn’t seen the children in a long time, and she and Thomas have no co-parenting relationship or any kind of relationship to speak of. She confessed that she was humiliated, embarrassed, and disappointed in herself.

Monday night’s episode showed Kathryn and Shep doing some yoga, which Kathryn said that she began doing in rehab and has found to be beneficial for her. While some of Kathryn’s other co-stars basically avoided her in past seasons and continued to do on the current one, Shep has always remained friendly and welcoming to Kathryn. After the yoga session, Kathryn opened up to Shep about her rehab stay.

“It’s been a lot of work to get here but, I don’t know, I’m happy.”

When Shep Rose shared that he was laying off the alcohol himself after getting a call from the doctor informing him that his liver wasn’t doing well, Kathryn commented on how hard it was to stay sober because people offer her drinks wherever she goes. She agreed with Shep that sometimes one just has to take a break and re-prioritize. Shep told Kathryn she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders, and he’s proud of her.

Will Southern Charm viewers continue to see Kathryn on the straight and narrow? Will they see her develop a better relationship with Thomas for the sake of the children? Or will Thomas’ possible burgeoning romantic relationship with Landon Clements, Kathryn’s enemy, prevent any reconciliation? A preview for next week’s episode shows Kathryn telling JD and Liz Madison, friends of Thomas and the godparents of their two children together, that she received a text message from Thomas just the day prior. Liz asks Kathryn if she wants to reach back out to Thomas. The preview doesn’t show Kathryn’s response.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kathryn Dennis’ former friend, Jennifer Snowden, recently claimed on social media that Kathryn is still doing drugs, and as a result, she still can’t see her children.

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