One Direction’s Harry Styles Rocks With ‘Carolina’ [Opinion]

One Direction’s Harry Styles has a hit on his hands with “Carolina.” Tough critics who didn’t quite get the message of “Sign of the Times,” and kind of liked “Ever Since New York,” but were not completely sold that Styles’ new solo album was going to rock, got a sigh of relief with “Carolina.”

Harry Styles slid away from that One Direction boy band filter as he rocked the house, on the Today Show. Styles delighted the audience with three songs from his album Harry Styles, but did not perform “Sweet Creature.”

Instead, Harry Styles electrified the audience by debuting a new song, “Carolina,” in addition to a lively performance of “Sign of The Times,” and “Ever Since New York.” Today Show viewers will likely be in better spirits today, as “Carolina” flows through their brains and sinks into their rock and roll hearts.

“Sign of The Times,” “Sweet Creature,” and “Ever Since New York” have been on Youtube for a while, but “Carolina” was brand new to the audience. The crowd went wild as Harry crooned the bluesy tune to a much stronger rock beat.

Harry Styles fans and One Direction fans had been waiting in line for days, Today Show’s plaza producer Alex Ficquette told Billboard about a six-block line.

“Our line started to form on Saturday afternoon, They were in sleeping bags, the line hit six city blocks this morning.”

One Direction’s Harry Styles, stood before an ecstatic crowd, in a pink designer suit by Edward Seton no less, just as had been foretold by Lifestyle One back in March. Everyone instinctively knew Harry was on to something big. Thus the Today Show witnessed a bit of rock and roll history. Readers can see it too in the video below.

Harry Styles probably made fashion designer Edward Saxon smile as well. Sexton could not contain his excitement last March when he hinted in an Instagram post quoted by Lifestyle One, that One Direction’s Harry Styles had bought his spring suit collection in every color.

“One lucky young man is going to collect a rainbow of suits today. Perhaps too bright and vibrant for some but a fun addition to a spring wardrobe. He may we’ll be wearing them on stage. What a lucky chap. Enjoy.”

Harry Styles One Direction Debuts Carolina on the Today Show
Harry Styles One Direction Debuts Carolina on the Today Show [Image Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images]

Harry Styles’ “Carolina” isn’t exactly heavy metal, but it powerfully crosses the line into the classic rock genre. The Rolling Stone called it “Beatles-esque,” and no wonder considering the One Direction crooner is being mentored by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

“The Beatles-esque track boasts a rumbling rhythm section, steady acoustic guitar vamp, a bluesy lead riff and plenty of pristine harmonies to back up Styles’ smoldering vocals.”

Harry Styles new album titled Harry Styles will feature “Carolina,” “Sign of the Times,” “Sweet Creature,” and “Ever Since New York,” and more. The album is scheduled for release on May 12. It will only be a couple more day until One Direction fans and more skeptical classic music buffs will be able to hear the entire album.

Harry Styles album has been highly promoted, and fans have been introduced to four songs now one at a time, but there is still a lot of anticipation to hear the album in its entirety.

“Sign of the Times” was completely unique and authentic, but it raised more questions than answers to those who wanted to classify Harry Styles’ solo work. It was very different and left fans wondering what else to expect from Harry. “Ever Since New York,” and “Sweet Creature,” filled in with a few more facts, but it is just hard to understand an authentic artist like Harry Styles completely with only three singles.

One Direction's Harry Styles wearing pink
One Direction's Harry Styles wearing pink [Image by Charles Sykes /Invision/AP]


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“Carolina,” gave a real introduction to Harry Styles the solo artist, as different than One Direction. The song complemented the other three works in such a way, that is was like the key missing piece of the puzzle.

One Direction’s Harry Styles rocked “Carolina” and offered a bit of air to those still holding their breath until May 12.

[Featured Image by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images]