Bill Clinton is the co-author of a book in the works, The President Is Missing, and because “the president is missing” is trending today, social media users are scrambling to see what happened to President Trump. It looks like the suspense of Clinton’s political thriller is playing out in real-time as “the president is missing” has spawned tweets by folks who mistakenly think it is Donald Trump that can’t be found.

Trump’s supporters were concerned about the president after seeing “the president is missing” trending today, but it is Trump critics who are having a field day with this title. Some are even sharing their disappointment once they found out that Trump wasn’t missing after all.

Twitter users are offering up ideas on the sitting president’s whereabouts today once reading the trending phrase, “the president is missing.” Some are pointing out a good place to locate President Trump, like the tweet below.


Some Twitter users have shared their feelings of excitement once they read that “the president is missing,” like the tweet below. Critics are sharing how excited they were until they realized it is a new book coming out and nothing more.


Maureen French mirrors what many are posting online today after they were fooled for a minute with the words “the president is missing.”


It didn’t take long for Hillary’s name to be thrown into the mix, with the tweet below pointing out how the president is really missing today. As far as they are concerned, “she” is missing, meaning Hillary.


Twitter users also had a field day with Bill Clinton when it came to the title of his new book, The President is Missing. Many hopped online to suggest where to look for Bill Clinton including, “Hooters,” in a “brothel,” along with several comments about him going off with “the intern.” Comments ranged from Bill Clinton “tracking the intern” to “in the broom closet with the intern.”

Many are finding irony coming from the media outlets that are calling Bill Clinton’s book his “first work of fiction.” Is this really the only fiction heard coming from Clinton since he became a world icon? The term “first work of fiction” is being used to promote the book, The President Is Missing, which is seen on the AOL Facebook post below.

It appears even Donald Trump’s staff is getting in on the fun when it comes to poking Bill Clinton with a stick but look carefully. This tweet, which is seemingly from Sean Spicer, is from a Sean “Spicier.” This is not from the Sean Spicer on Trump’s staff, but it was posted under the heading of “Bill Clinton’s The President Is Missing” on Twitter to make it look as if the White House is weighing in.


According to The New York Times, – “In June 2018, Alfred A. Knopf and Little, Brown and Company will jointly publish The President Is Missing, a novel written by Mr. Patterson and Mr. Clinton, which represents a rare foray into fiction for a former president.”

Bill Clinton is taking a big step into the literary world by penning a new suspense novel with writer James Patterson, a man who knows how to turn out best sellers. Clinton’s newest writing venture was reported on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning. They pass along that Clinton promises a different take on a political thriller because he brings insight from behind the scenes of the presidency that not many other people on this planet can do. He has lived it, and only a select handful of people can say that today.


Patterson, who is tagged “the blockbuster thriller writer” by NPR News, has 50 collaborations with other writers under his belt. Patterson calls his recent work with Clinton, “the highlight of my career.” With the first-hand information that Clinton has supplied it “has uniquely informed the writing of this novel,” said the iconic author.

Patterson calls his collaboration with Clinton a “rare combination,” but with Clinton’s insight, this writer said the story they tell is a “really interesting one.” Besides getting a look into the real world inside the presidency, the readers will be “drawn to the suspense,” said Patterson.

While the publisher hasn’t released any financial agreement information or the plot of the story as of yet, it is getting plenty of attention across the social media sites today. The title, The President is Missing, has quite a few questions attached to it as far as social media users are concerned. Some are asking if this wishful thinking on Clinton’s part.

The majority of people are taking it as Bill Clinton, himself, as the president is missing and there are plenty of suggestions on where to look for him as well. These suggestions range from “Hooters,” to the “Bunny Ranch.”

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