Michelle Obama ‘Felt An Obligation’ So She Stayed – What’s Barack Saying? [Opinion]

Michelle Obama flashed that signature smile of hers after her husband said something during a weekend speech that many are analyzing today. Barack Obama stood in front of a stadium full of people to accept a prestigious JFK Profile in Courage Award during a ceremony in Boston on Sunday. It was during his acceptance speech that he thanked Michelle for sticking around after his term of presidency ended.

Before you go any further, if you are asking yourself why Barack Obama is getting an award for courage, when he hasn’t stepped foot on a battle field, into a burning building, or attempted to get a cat out of a tree for an elderly lady, you are not alone. Fox & Friends live on Monday morning had that same question floating around, as do some people on social media sites.

With that said, while Obama accepted his award for apparently showing courage at some point in time, he threw a hint out there that has led some to believe Michelle was on borrowed time with her husband at some point. According to RadarOnline, this seemed like it could be a joke, but what he said does make sense with a new book about to hit the shelves that promises to reveal “Barack’s sexual past.”

Barack Obama said the following to the crowd with Michelle close by.

“I also want to thank Michelle Obama for, after the presidency, sticking with me! I think she felt an obligation to the country to stay on, but once her official duties were over, it wasn’t clear.”

This statement got a laugh and Michelle also behaved as if this were a joke, but some can’t help wondering if the former president was revealing some truth. RadarOnline described Barack Obama as “humiliated” as he stood at that podium and revealed his words of thanks.

Barack went on to say that he believed it was “America’s great fortune to have her as a first lady.” He said this after first revealing that “I love my wife.” He also said he was “grateful for her,” according to the Independent.

In her role as first lady, Michelle Obama did complement Barack in all eight years as the president of this nation. Toward the end of his second term, it was almost as if she was more popular than her husband and that is evident even today with the barrage of questions aimed her way asking Michelle to run for president on the Democratic ticket come 2020.

Did Barack offer a hint about Michelle not really making it clear to Barack if she plans to stay on for good? RadarOnline suggested that a new “tell-all” book is about to hit the shelves and in that book “Barack’s sexual past is about to reveal some rather kinky skeletons in his closet.”

The book, Rising Star: The Making Of Barack Obama, was written by a Pulitzer Prize-winning author named David J. Garrow. According to RadarOnline, “the former President is said to have had a past full of passionate sex and cocaine-fueled nights with one girl.”

The book reveals how Barack proposed to another woman two times before meeting Michelle and it also reveals that while he dated Michelle he did cheat on her. The book said how Barack Obama once considered a “gay fling.” From the sounds of these reveals, this all happened before Barack said “I do” to Michelle, so if it didn’t occur within the marriage, why would this be an issue?

You have to admit it was a bizarre few lines in the speech, which seem to convey that Michelle stayed with him through the presidency as a matter of obligation. Then to say it isn’t clear to him if she plans to stick around in civilian life, again, a joke, maybe, but either way, this was very odd.

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