Toronto Raptors Fans Disappointed With Team: Should Fans Look Forward To Next Year? [Opinion]

The Toronto Raptors wrapped up another season yesterday after losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 4 in the second round of playoffs. It was an eerie month of deja vu as fans remember back to last year when the team faced the same situation. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers eventually won everything last year, but on their journey to victory, they crushed the hearts of Toronto Raptors and the entire city of Toronto.

So when the Raptors fans learned that they would be facing LeBron again this year, the expectations were high. Surely, the players had learned from last year’s elimination and had prepared diligently for this round. However, the Raptors were eliminated yesterday in an overwhelming sweep, and fans were clearly disappointed. Many of them shared their frustrations on social media.

According to new tweets, it sounds like fans of the Toronto Raptors aren’t exactly happy with the performance of the team this year. While some people shared encouraging tweets about next season, others called the team the biggest disappointment in the NBA. And this morning, Torontonians are recovering from the elimination with some sobering comments on social media.

“This is a brutal quote from a guy who’s supposed to be a star player. Depressing for Raptors fans,” one person wrote in response to DeMar DeRozan’s post-game comment about losing to LeBrown James.

Another added, “No word on if Hubie Brown woke up this morning eating a gallon of ice cream and weeping tears of despair over the Raptors.”

DeRozan made the comment that the Toronto Raptors would also have won the series if they had LeBron on their team, giving James the credit for winning the series and making sure that the Raptors would not advance in the playoffs. This is the second time he has eliminated Toronto’s NBA dreams of going all the way. However, it seems to have hit harder this year, as the Raptors didn’t give Cleveland any competition. Maybe fans in Toronto think the team simply gave up too fast and lacked preparation for a tough series.

“Tough season for the Raptors, but the hate towards Casey is weird to me. A lot of players didn’t play well, nothing a coach can do, IMO,” one person wrote on Twitter, adding in a separate tweet, “If you’re wide open and can’t make buckets, you’ll lose. I’m sure coaching can be improved, but players are winning games. We had no-shows.”

But others took a more humorous approach to the loss.

“Raptors turn to ice cream in the sun when they face LeBron,” an NBA fan wrote.

Another added that the Toronto Raptors had created a new level of disappointment this season, writing, “I won’t even be surprised if they blow it. The Raptors have made me a master in the skill of disappointment.”

Raptors are the biggest disappointment of the NBA,” a disappointed fan wrote, while another shared a similar sentiment, writing, “Raptors are such a disappointment, thought they were going to at least be a contest for Cavs. Zero desire and spirit smh.”

Should fans look forward to next season? Of course, fans in Toronto may have a completely different team in the fall, as Kyle Lowry could be looking to find another team. He will soon be a free agent, and if the Toronto Raptors doesn’t want to re-sign him for a higher salary, he could look for other options. While the hopes are high for another playoff spot next year, it may be a long road ahead for the team without Lowry.

What do you think of this year’s loss? Do you think Toronto Raptors fans should be excited about next season?

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