Princess Diana Stalked Her Lover After He Called It Quits In Haunting Depiction Of Last 100 Days? [Opinion]

Princess Diana left this world tragically 20 years ago this summer, and despite the fact that two decades have passed, people still gravitate toward anything depicting the princess who captured the world’s heart. Prince William and Prince Harry, who were the two most important people in her life, were just young boys at the time of Princess Diana’s death back on August 31, 1997, when a car accident ended her life on a road in Paris.

As grown men today they are subjected to hearing things about their mom that no one wants to hear about their mother. So sadly while the world revisits the life of Princess Diana, many of the memories being shared today may prove hurtful to the two princes she left behind.

With the 20th anniversary of her death upon the world, Diana’s life seems to be under a microscope once again. Many things about Diana were shared in a television special that aired last night on ABC, and a new BBC drama is expected to show a scene that may be “agonizing” for her sons to see. The Metro UK reports how an actor in this BBC drama describes a scene depicting Princess Diana’s ghost.

The BBC drama “features the death of a queen” and it has a scene with Diana’s ghost. Before his death last month, Tim Pigott-Smith, who starred in the show, King Charles III, said how the ghostly apparition of Princess Diana would be “agonizing” for her sons to watch, according to the Metro UK. This drama will air on Wednesday, May 10, on BBC.

On Sunday night, The Last 100 Days of Diana aired on ABC, and much of it was “achingly familiar,” as Newsday reports. “As long as there are TVs, and memories, and hearts to break, there will be documentaries on Princess Diana,” writes Newsday. This documentary weighed heavily on the many romances of Princess Diana in the three months leading up to her death.

Unless you are a professional historian on Diana Spencer, who later became Princess Diana, you might not have known the secrets that were portrayed last night with the airing of The Last 100 Days of Diana. While it is not known if Prince William and Harry viewed this television special, you could understand why if they did that it might upset them. Just put Diana in the place of your own mother and ask yourself if you would want to hear these things about the woman you idolize. Chances are that answer would be “no.”

From the ABC special on Princess Diana, the viewers learned that she had a deep and seemingly sincere love for a virtually unknown man. Her love for Hasnat Khan brought a stalking-like mode out in Princess Diana. Khan, whose religious and family obligations wouldn’t allow him to marry Princess Diana, walked away, but Diana continued with ploys to entice him back to her. The word “stalking” was mentioned in the documentary, which is the way her love affair with this man was depicted.

According to The Daily Beast, this “stalker-like” behavior was depicted in the movie Diana, which was made a few years back. Princess Diana was painted as “the girlfriend from hell” in that movie, according to the Daily Beast, which it mentions in the headline of the article.

According to ABC News, during their time together Kahn just about moved into Kensington Palace, reports Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell. The servants were kept out of Diana’s home in the palace while he was there, with Burrell and the cook being the only two who were privy to his visits.

Khan was from a traditional Muslim family, and it was his mother’s duty to find the girl that he would one day marry. Diana was not going to be that girl. Diana was sure that Kahn was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but he was unsure the two could have a future together. Kahn was someone who hated all the attention from the world’s press.

The British-Pakistani heart surgeon was Diana’s “Mr. Wonderful,” which is what the princess called this man. According to those close to her, Kahn was the love of her life. She also said that she knew Kahn would never marry her, but just the same, she didn’t want to lose him. So when Kahn started to put that distance between the two, Diana wasn’t going to let that happen.

She tried reaching out to Kahn’s family, writing his grandmother to hopefully gain her support, according to ABC News. Kahn, who deeply loved the princess from all reports, did not want to be known as “Mr. Diana,” which is something he once stated. Diana “pushed him and pushed him” to go public with their relationship, but he didn’t want to do this, said Tina Brown, who is author of The Diana Chronicles.

The documentary also depicted a jealous Princess Diana, when it came to Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. She famously said during an interview that there were “three people in her marriage,” which made it hard on her when she was married to Charles.

In the last 100 days of her life, Diana dated a few different men, and a couple were quite older than her. It was Dodi Fayed’s father that she met first and was seen with up until the time she met his son on the summer vacation leading up to her death. She then met Dodi and he was quite smitten with Diana. Their month of dating ended in tragedy in Paris.

While on that summer vacation at Dodi’s father’s resort, she met Dodi and started to date him, but she still never forgot Kahn. Newsday reports Diana staged a photo by tipping off a photographer of her location. The famous “The kiss” photo was intended to grab the attention of Khan, and according to Newsday, it did. He had been trying to get a hold of Diana just before her death.

According to TVNZ, Diana’s romance with Dodi Fayed was only 30 days old at the time of her death, but the love of her life, Hasnat Khan, had been in her life for two years. From this documentary, you learn that it was a last minute decision for Diana to go to Paris to join Dodi Fayed, a trip that would ultimately be the demise of Princess Diana.

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