Johnny Depp, Zayn Malik, And Thomas Gibson Get Smeared, But Their Fans Don’t Waver [Opinion]

Johnny Depp, Zayn Malik, and Thomas Gibson have one thing in common. Depp, Malik, and Gibson have all been attacked by reports in the media. Is there more they share in common? Why them?

Zayn Malik, Thomas Gibson, and Johnny Depp are all experiencing more than their fair share of bad press. There is a lot of smoke, but where is the fire? More than the casual examination of all these weird allegations turns up very little or nothing that might support any alleged misdeeds. There is nothing that would be likely to hold up in court.

Johnny Depp, Thomas Gibson, and Zayn Malik apparently did very little to get in such a firestorm of controversy when reports are read critically. The only thing fiery is the controversy. Musician Zayn Malik, musician and actor Johnny Depp and actor Thomas Gibson are all three amazing performers with a great deal of talent and strong fan bases.

Johnny Depp got the double dose of scandal, between Amber Heard’s divorce allegations and backlash from Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against his money management company TMG. TMG is suggesting in the press, there is something illegal, insane, and immoral about Johnny Depp spending his own money.

Amber Heard claimed to be battered when Johnny Depp tossed a six-ounce cell phone at her, but the police saw no sign of anything criminal, according to People. Read more about Thomas Gibson, Johnny Depp, Virgil Williams, and Amber Heard in the Inquisitr.

Thomas Gibson, Johnny Depp, and Zayn Malik have endured some bizarre accusations. But there is very little to back up claims, even when Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds.

Thomas Gibson allegedly kicked the co-executive producer of Criminal Minds, Virgil Williams but on closer examination, it is alleged that Virgil Williams and Thomas Gibson bumped into each other, and Gibson’s foot tapped Williams shin, according to Virgil Williams and Thomas Gibson’s statements in People. It was all a question of Thomas Gibson’s intent, stated the Inquisitr. Did Thomas Gibson intend to kick Virgil or was it accidental?

Thomas Gibson and Johnny Depp have been accused of violence but the stories are not backed up by assault charges or any real evidence. There is no indication anyone was actually harmed. Zayn Malik, however, as mild-mannered as he is, is always said to be verbally slamming just about everything. Is Zayn Malik really so bitter, angry, petty, or jealous? There is no real proof of these types of statements about Zayn Malik.

Zayn Malik’s troubles are more subtle but longer lasting. Zayn Malik, only a shy teen when he became part of One Direction, was always treated differently from the beginning by the press than the other four boys. Zayn Malik was labeled “mysterious” and the “bad boy.” Zayn Malik is always being accused of slamming or throwing shade when there is usually nothing in actual quotes to confirm his statements as negative.

Zayn Malik formerly of One Direction
Zayn Malik lost a lot of weight while on tour due to an eating disorder [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Johnny Depp’s latest debacle with the TMG lawsuit is perhaps the most puzzling of all. Johnny Depp was said to be worth over $400 million dollars last April, according to the Mirror. Forbes has confirmed nearly every year that Johnny Depp has more money than the year before, but suddenly TMG is alleging Johnny Depp is broke. Readers are expected to enjoy Johnny Depp’s misfortune and blame him for spending his own money as if that is a crime.

Johnny Depp, Zayn Malik, and Thomas Gibson all have their obvious enemies or nemeses. Johnny Depp ticked off TMG when he sued them for mismanagement of his funds. Amber Heard and her fans were angered by the divorce scandal. Zayn Malik broke up with Perrie Edwards a couple of years ago, and Thomas Gibson disagreed with Virgil Williams.

Zayn Malik, however, had media PR problems long before he split up with Perrie, and also before he left One Direction. Zayn Malik’s complex persona has been reduced to a rather negative caricature in many reports.

Johnny Depp has never won an Academy Award, despite his years of exemplary performances. Johnny Depp easily wins People’s choice but never an Oscar. Johnny Depp was always beloved by his public and admired by his peers, but Johnny has never been a favorite of those who presume to be his superiors.

Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member
Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member [Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]

Thomas Gibson appeared to have a perfect work record until his altercation with Williams, but suddenly he was accused of being a hothead. CBS even managed to dig up two previous examples of Thomas Gibson’s temper, decades apart. Getting a bit angry three times in 30 years hardly seems like a pattern. Not only that, one incident reportedly involved automobile safety and a close call during a stunt. Thomas Gibson allegedly became angry in the heat of the moment of a narrowly escaped accident.

Zayn Malik grew up in a working-class British neighborhood called Bradford. Malik had never been on an airplane before joining One Direction, according to his autobiography Zayn. Zayn Malik was, at least by Hollywood standards, a poor boy, coming out of poverty. So was Johnny Depp. Both Johnny Depp and Zayn Malik had to adapt quickly to a completely different situation.

Johnny Depp and Thomas Gibson both hail from the southeastern United States. While Johnny Depp admits freely to being “white trash,” according to this quote in the Telegraph, Thomas Gibson grew up in a more upper-class family in Charleston, South Carolina, but that is nothing that would be prestigious in Hollywood.

While Johnny Depp and Zayn Malik have very little education, both are highly intelligent and extremely creative. Both are admired and befriended by some highly educated, famous, and wealthy friends.

Thomas Gibson, however, went to Julliard on a scholarship, where he received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts according to IMDb.

Johnny Depp is struggling under the weight of scandals that are harming his career. Thomas Gibson is completely between jobs, but Zayn Malik’s career seems to be blossoming despite consistently negative press. Zayn Malik’s bad press, though, isn’t scandal related, it’s just the way his persona is consistently misinterpreted.

Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds [Image by J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images]

While Johnny Depp, Zayn Malik, and Thomas Gibson are not at all political, Johnny Depp has taken a powerful stand against the death penalty in Arkansas and has inferred that the American legal system is socioeconomically weighted to only harm the poor. Johnny Depp was also a close friend of anti-establishment gonzo reporter Hunter S. Thompson.

What have Johnny Depp, Zayn Malik, and Thomas Gibson done to invite such venom? Despite the press Johnny, Zayn and Thomas Gibson are not without strong advocates. Johnny Depp has many influential friends.

Thomas Gibson has an avid fanbase of supporters willing to go to war on his behalf. #NoHotchNoWatch is ready to go to bat for Thomas Gibson, and they are boycotting ABC and CBS now in addition to refusing to watch Criminal Minds. They have carried on a boycott of Criminal Minds for an entire season, and now this highly organized fan base is entrenched in a broader boycott.

Zayn Malik, Thomas Gibson, and Johnny Depp have fans who say they don’t deserve abuse. Johnny Depp also has a powerful fan base working to debunk allegations. Zayn Malik fans may be ready to step up as well.


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Johnny Depp, Thomas Gibson, and Zayn Malik all have fans. And judging from social media, they are not happy.

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