Donald Trump May Strengthen Bernie Sanders 2020 Election Bid [Video] [Opinion]

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders may be strange bedfellows, but one thing they have in common is that they are party outsiders, which voters tend to favor these days. Many can say what they want in regards to how Donald Trump got the Oval Office, but one thing that is perfectly clear is that his path to White House came from people who were sick of the status quo in Washington.

But just because Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders share that one major factor that gives them the advantage in the new millennium, that does not mean that Trump’s core voting base is going to vote for Bernie Sanders. But that does mean that Bernie Sanders could take back those voters that Democrats lost when they pushed Sanders off of their platform and alienated their youngest voter base.

Millennials seemed to have a core set of common goals in mind when they came out in droves to campaign for Bernie Sanders in 2016. His rhetoric on the campaign trail was clear and Wall Street was going to be in big trouble if he were to take office in 2017. Not only Wall Street, but big pharma, medical insurers and corporations had a rude awakening coming for them as well.

With all the talk of Russian interference in the 2016 general election, as reported by Reuters, there has been little to no talk about domestic interference in the primary campaign that left Bernie Sanders off the platform. Millennials were crushed by the stinging defeat and rightly so.

So what was the result of the 2016 Democratic Primary? Many will say that Hillary Clinton’s nomination was the result, but as people like myself say – Donald Trump was the result. Trump was the end conclusion of Bernie Sanders being disenfranchised by the Democratic National Committee and their overwhelming interference in the 2016 primary elections. People like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other Democratic “super-delegates” that refused to cast their votes as demanded by the people of many states that voted for Bernie Sanders to be their presidential candidate.

Now at this point, everything is hindsight and we are licking our wounds while Donald Trump drops bombs on us from the Oval Office. But there could also be an upside to this.

When Americans finally realize what Trumpcare really is and how much they will suffer under it, there will be no other path forward but universal healthcare. Do you think I’m wrong? Well, just ask your family and friends in two years how much they enjoy seeing their loved ones suffer from debilitating illness or dying as a result of no healthcare. Then ask any of the other friends you have left how much they enjoy living at their parents’ home because they went bankrupt from paying for their “pre-existing medical condition.”

Those examples are not an exaggeration or an embellishment. That really is going to happen. When Trumpcare passes, and it will, people will be relieved of their tax penalties at the end of the year and be burdened by crushing medical debt and debilitating medical conditions that go untreated. Also, do not think that this will not happen to you because you are young or healthy. If you tell yourself that, then you are statistically a prime candidate for such a catastrophe. Most of the people who get cancer or crushing medical debt never saw it coming and did not have time to prepare themselves for it. Those who do see it coming get themselves covered at all costs.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump may just be the best thing to happen to this country since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Not because Trump would lead like FDR, but because he will force the world to see what a real fix looks like and vote in Bernie Sanders.

For those of you who thought Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump by a landslide, there was only one flaw in your logic: Hillary Clinton is not Bernie Sanders. There is/was a major difference.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]