Despite Flying In Trump’s Helicopter, Ellen DeGeneres Does Not Want Trump On Her Show Again [Opinion]

Ellen DeGeneres was OK with Trump during his Celebrity Apprentice years, as she had him on her show during the first few seasons, and she even flew with the real estate mogul in his helicopter. Today she plays down knowing Trump barely at all. As far as flying in his helicopter, that could have been something that she just did for ratings at the time. That was then and this is now because today she doesn’t want anything to do with Trump as far as having him appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

According to an E! News article from last June, Ellen has had Trump on her show “five times,” but that was before he started his campaign. Back in June of last year, E! News reports that Ellen said that she would have Trump on her show again if he would agree to be a guest. The last time he sat down with Ellen on the set of her show was in 2007, so it was about a decade ago. Still, she was fine with him coming on the show up until June of 2016, which is when she conveyed that he is a welcome guest if he was so inclined to join her on her show.

So why the change of heart towards Trump now that he is the president of this nation? Ellen talked with Matt Lauer recently on the Today show, and she had no problem opening up and sharing her thoughts on the fairly new president. AOL calls what Ellen DeGeneres shared with Lauer, a “no-holds-barred opinion.”

DeGeneres cites their differing views as a problem, so this is why she won’t have him as a guest on her show. When asked a flat-out “why” she wouldn’t have him as a guest, Ellen replied with the following.

“Because I’m not going to change his mind. He’s against everything that I stand for. We need to look at someone else who looks different than us and believes in something that we don’t believe in and still accept them and still let them have their rights.”

With that said, she also stressed how she barely knows Trump, despite going for a helicopter ride with him and interviewing him on her show previously several times. She tags Trump’s past visits to her show as Trump just promoting his show Celebrity Apprentice.

DeGeneres revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Donald Trump since he started his run for president. She made this clear by saying, “I have not spoken to him since he’s run for president or become president.” This sounds as if DeGeneres is adamant about distancing herself from the fairly new president of the nation.

It wasn’t even a year ago when Ellen basically gave an open invitation for Trump to come on her show again, despite being a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton. Ellen told E! News back in June of 2016, “I don’t know if we’ve formally asked him. I mean, he’s welcome to come if he wants to come on. I don’t think I see that happening. I don’t know that he would do that. But I wouldn’t say no if he wanted to be on.”

According to Fox News, after Ellen appeared on the Today Show and gave Lauer her change of heart on Trump ever appearing on her show again, Lauer became a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Now that Ellen was asking the questions, she asked Lauer what he thought of the “war on media” coming from Trump.

Lauer answered the question by saying the following.

“I think it’s something that he goes out and he says in front of a crowd of supporters and it gets a great reaction. He doesn’t hate the media. As a matter of fact, he’s someone who has loved the media more than most people.”

Ellen giving the excuse that she can’t change Trump’s mind and that he is against everything that she stands for was disappointing. Since when does a talk show only pull in guests who are like-minded? That would make talk shows so mundane that there wouldn’t be such a venue. Having guests who only think about issues as you do would be a televised clan, not a talk show.

It would be sad to think that someone who has been so important to the topics of the day in this nation would change her view so harshly on guests. For Ellen to offer up “I can’t change his mind,” so why have him on the show as an excuse doesn’t sound like the typical Ellen DeGeneres. Does this have something to do with her loyalty to Hillary Clinton? That looks more realistic than saying she can’t change his mind, so why bother. If anyone knows what makes a good talk show, that’s Ellen. Without controversy within the topics discussed, a talk show would be stagnant right out of the gate.

Ellen didn’t elaborate on just how Trump is “against everything I stand for,” which could mean anything from the way she handles fresh produce to the color of the curtains in her house. “Everything I stand for” is a generic phrase or basically a catch-all phrase. If someone had said this to her, she would have asked just what exactly is “everything” that Trump is against that you stand for.

Ellen can disagree with Trump and his politics, but it still doesn’t make him an inappropriate guest for her talk show. You can almost see through her reasoning behind barring Trump and that is a sad day for someone who is usually so adamant on fairness across the board.

One thing fans love about Ellen is her ability to talk to any guest, especially those with opposing views. She has a gift for letting that person have their say and then rationalizing her own take on the topic. Along with the laughs thrown in for entertainment purposes, Ellen is a woman that the old adage, “She could talk a dog away from a meat wagon,” fits nicely.

She has that knack, or better yet, gift, to have that conversation with folks and leave them with another perspective to ponder. It has never been like Ellen to shut people off completely. With that said, Donald Trump can probably live his life without too much despair over never appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show again. What do you think?

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