Eden Sassoon Leaves ‘RHOBH’ Behind: Why This Star Couldn’t Handle The Reality Of Reality TV [Opinion]

Eden Sassoon was brand new to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise earlier this year, and viewers were excited to learn more about Eden, the daughter of the famous stylist, Vidal Sassoon. However, Sassoon was quickly tangled up in a web of drugs, accusations, and lies, and she was shocked at how far some of the women were willing to go with their stories. Eden was particularly upset with Lisa Rinna, who had been her friend from the beginning, but ended up being the reason why Sassoon questioned her co-stars’ loyalties. While many fans were hoping that she would return to the show, Sassoon is now revealing that she’s not returning next season.

According to a new Bravo report, Eden Sassoon announced her decision to leave the show yesterday, and tabloids quickly decided to start pointing the blame. Did Eden really quit on her own? Was she fired? Did Lisa Rinna play a role in her leaving the show? According to Bravo, it sounds like Eden just wanted a new experience, and she’s happy leaving the show behind with plenty of life lessons.


“I truly am #grateful for the experience & huge life lessons I was up against,” Eden Sassoon explains about her decision to leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills behind, adding, “Remember an END is just a NEW BEGINNING…I will be in full force with #love #hugs #truth and #compassion which are all things that make me shine.”

Maybe Sassoon was just too rattled by all of the drama that went down and filming such a show isn’t exactly the key to a peaceful existence. Women who survive these shows with their image and sanity intact are often made for reality shows. They know that they are getting into and they don’t mind that they look bad. They don’t mind that they are slammed on social media or that lies are made up about them in the press. But this isn’t Eden’s style.

“I don’t regret anything in my life because if I chose to make that move, I don’t look back and say, ‘I should have.’ I’m in it. I’m here now; let’s make it happen,” Eden Sassoon previously told The Daily Dish about her experiences on the show, revealing that she has no regrets about filming the show. “I really try and be in every moment, so every moment was exactly that. Sometimes looking back and seeing how people responded or acted to me, it’s a little surprising but on their side it’s understandable.”


“I really am usually one to open up and trust everybody and want to go to places that some people may not be ready to go and so kind of get in slowly — although I will not change who I am,” Eden continued. “So if people can’t take me then I don’t need that person necessarily in my life, or take it for what it is and move on.”

Maybe Eden Sassoon just couldn’t handle the reality of a reality television show. The reality is that drama drives the ratings and if you are not willing to partake in the drama, then you may become the victim of that drama. And that could explain what happened to Sassoon this year, as she ended up fighting with Lisa Rinna over something completely minor. There’s no question, however, about Rinna returning to the show.

What do you think of Eden Sassoon’s decision to leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills behind? Do you think it is the right decision for her, given how she got tangled up in a bunch of drama on this season of the show?

[Featured Image by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Sherri Hill]