Dear Conservatives, Stop Calling Donald Trump A Politician [Opinion]

I admit that I have never been a Trump supporter, nor will I ever be. Being what I would call a “die-hard liberal” could blind me to Trump’s redeeming qualities. However, the conservatives keep saying (or is it implying?) that Trump is a politician. No, that is completely untrue. The former reality TV host is not a lawmaker; he is a con man who convinced the American people that he would create more jobs, jail Hillary Clinton, and replace a health care plan that was working just fine.

Trump pulled off one of the best cons America has ever seen. He convinced millions of people that he had their best interest at heart. He assured angry people that he would make big changes. He convinced them that Hillary wasn’t the answer, he was.

If you remember back when he was campaigning, one of the first campaign promises he made was he would work every day and never take a vacation. Here we are, on day 100-plus, and so far he’s taken a vacation every weekend. Each getaway cost America over $400,000 per trip. According to Politicus USA, he will be heading to his home in New Jersey, but it will still cost America nearly $700,000.


Think back a few years ago, when Trump would blast President Obama about taking vacations every so often. Just 13 weeks into his term, he has spent more money on vacations than Barack spent in eight years.

The one detail I cannot fathom is how this man, a man who has gone bankrupt multiple times, had several lawsuits against him for fraud and was implicated in an alleged rape case, was elected president — the commander in chief and highest position in the country. Since November, I have been in a mental fog. It doesn’t seem real that our nation elected this man to lead the country.

Yesterday, I watched as the House passed the Trumpcare bill. I watched as this man rejoiced at the thought that millions of people would be kicked off of health insurance because they don’t have the money to pay.

Paul Ryan is the one who asked for a raise last year because he felt that free healthcare plus $170,000 a year wasn’t enough to raise his family. Nevermind the fact that he only works a few months out of the year.


Mr. Ryan, if this Trumpcare is so good, why did the House vote an exemption for themselves so they could keep Obama’s plan?

Here’s the thing the Republicans won’t tell you: The reason they wanted to repeal the health care act wasn’t because it was working — it was because it worked. Tens of million of Americans had health insurance. They could afford medicines and doctor visits. Sure, they complained about the cost, but it worked overall. Was it perfect? No, but it was a great starting point.

The conservatives believe that Obamacare was a “disaster” because the taxes they paid went into helping premiums for the poor and middle class. They noted that it would be better if didn’t cover so many conditions, making it a cheaper option. This is how Trump’s camp came up with the idea for Trumpcare.

His plan is not practical. While the premium may be cheaper, the exclusions are horrific. Don’t plan on getting cancer, because that will set you back up to $140,000. Oh, and if you want to have a baby, make sure you have $18,000 saved up. Even manageable diseases like diabetes will increase your premium $5,600 more per year.


So, ask yourself if Donald Trump sounds like a lawmaker. In one of his speeches several months ago, he slipped and called America a “company.” To him, this country is nothing but a business. If millions are out of insurance, that’s okay — it’s not personal, it’s business.

If you are okay with Donald not having any personal feelings for kicking the poor and middle class off insurance or gutting Medicaid, then, by all means, vote the con man in for a second term. As for the anti-Trump resistance, they will work tirelessly to expose Trump’s lies over the next few years.

[Featured Image by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images]