Kylie Jenner Blasted For Photoshopping Instagram Pic, Gets Cozy With Travis Scott After Tyga Breakup [Opinion]

Kylie Jenner has yet again edited an Instagram image and is once again being blasted by fans for using Photoshop to make her body appear slimmer and her butt bigger.

Every time Kylie Jenner uploads a photo flaunting her apparent lack of clothes, eagle-eyed Instagram users attack it as if they are wolves and as if Kylie’s Instagram account is fresh meat.

However, it’s not because they are so eager to see the reality star showing some skin (though that too), but because they want to call out Jenner for using Photoshop.

This was the case last Wednesday when Kylie Jenner stripped down to her Puma underwear and proudly shared a snap of it.

Standing in front of the mirror, holding her cell in her right hand, with her sexy white bra shining through her white long-sleeve T-shirt, Kylie Jenner flaunts her voluptuous hips and that tiny, tiny waist of hers.

But wait, what’s that? What’s wrong with that suspiciously warped door frame behind the reality star? Is it part of Jenner-Kardashian family’s home renovations? Far from it.

“Photoshop, Photoshop and more Photoshop,” one person wrote.

Kylie Jenner’s fans were quick to blast the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star for editing her image to make her tiny waist appear even tinier and her hips to be larger, according to the Daily Mail.

On the Instagram selfie, which already boasts more than 2 million likes, Kylie Jenner flaunts Puma underwear, making it appear much more desirable in the eyes of potential customers by showing how ideally it emphasizes her tiny waist and voluptuous hips.

Even the die-hard fans of Kylie Jenner appear to be accepting the fact that the reality star Photoshopped her image. There have also been no crazy theories about a possible earthquake that made the door frame that suspiciously warped.

And no one can blame Kylie Jenner for Photoshopping her Instagram image. First of all, she’s a woman, and every woman wants to appear more stunning in photographs no matter how beautiful she already is. Second, Kylie is a Puma ambassador!

And thirdly, Kylie Jenner is in need of male attention, as the reality star is single again. Last month, the three-year relationship between rapper Tyga and Kylie came crashing down, and the two officially split.

Kylie Jenner has already seemingly moved on from Tyga; the reality star has been spotted hanging out with another rapper, Travis Scott, according to E! News.

Last Thursday, Kylie Jenner was spotted shopping with Travis Scott at the Galleria in Houston. A day earlier, the two attended an NBA playoff game together between Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder.

At one point during the basketball game, Travis Scott rested his hand on Kylie Jenner’s leg, sending social media into a frenzy that the rapper and Jenner are now officially an item.

And while Kylie Jenner and Scott have yet to confirm or deny the dating rumors, it looks like nothing prevents the two from becoming a couple. It has seemingly worried her ex-boyfriend Tyga, who appears jealous over Kylie’s new romantic interest.

Tyga, though he has been recently spotted hanging out with Justin Bieber’s ex, is worried that he might lose Kylie Jenner forever, according to a source cited by Hollywood Life.

Even though the two have split, nothing had prevented Tyga and Kylie Jenner from getting back together – but then came Travis Scott, who’s currently on top of his rap game.

“Travis is winning at life! He’s on a successful tour, he’s killing the rap game and every time he turns around he’s being offered a new opportunity of sorts.”

So naturally, Tyga is worried that Kylie Jenner could replace him with a seemingly more successfully rapper in her life.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]