Kyle Lowry Net Worth: Could Playoff Result Affect His Overall Earnings With The Toronto Raptors? [Opinion]

Kyle Lowry was excited about playing this series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, as the Toronto Raptors had been on a roll. Despite struggling during the first few games against Milwaukee, the team eventually won over the Bucks and they are now back in the same spot as last year – playing LeBron James and his Cavaliers. Last year, the Toronto Raptors had a fair chance at taking the win over James and Cleveland and it all came down to Game 7. But this year, it seems like Cleveland already has the upper-hand and it didn’t help when Kyle got injured during Wednesday’s game. The series is currently 2-0 in favor of Cleveland and with Lowry’s injury, it doesn’t look good for Toronto.

According to a new Heavy report, Kyle Lowry‘s net worth was recently released and it sounds like it is quite a bit considering he is now injured and won’t be able to carry the Toronto Raptors to the finals this year. Lowry is currently under contract with the Toronto Raptors, a contract he signed back in 2014. It runs to 2018 and was valued then at $48 million. Kyle Lowry’s net worth is most likely around $48 million. He gets around $12 per year and since he’s already three years into the contract, he is already banking $36 million.

And Kyle Lowry’s net worth may grow even more if he decides to utilize a loophole in his contract. He can apparently opt out of the contract this summer, and see if anything else is on the table. But since he loves playing in Toronto, many experts believe that he’s going to opt out of the contract and then resign with Toronto at a much larger price. Apparently, it pays to be Kyle Lowry.

“If you’re that franchise’s guy, and you’re the guy that they’ve been rolling with, and you’ve given that franchise everything you have, yeah, I think [the talks] should be easy,” Kyle Lowry reportedly said last year, calling himself one of the franchise’s main guys, adding, “I think it should be a situation where a guy shouldn’t have to talk to another team. DeMar didn’t have the chance to talk to another team…For me, I think that at 12:01 a.m. on July 1 – something should be close. If not, I’m open to seeing what else is out there.”

Of course, $48 million is a lot of money for anyone, but given how he’s playing just as well as DeMar DeRozan some days, it makes sense that Kyle Lowry would want to see what else is on the table. As it turns out, there’s quite the pay gap between these two. Apparently, DeRozan is getting $139 million, as he recently signed a contract with the Toronto Raptors. Kyle knew that his teammate would sign once again with the Raptors and the expectations may be the same for Kyle next year. And maybe Kyle Lowry wants to set a record too. When DeMar signed his contract with the Raptors, it was the second highest ever in the history of the NBA.

Whatever Kyle Lowry decides to do, one thing is for sure; Toronto Raptors fans hope that he sticks around even if the payout isn’t what he had expected. Many fans hope that he’s indeed as diehard for Toronto as he often says he is, and won’t be swayed by a few million dollars. But if Lowry doesn’t feel that the Raptors appreciate him, he may go elsewhere to find something better. And who can blame him?

What do you think of Kyle Lowry’s net worth? Do you think he should be paid closer to what DeRozan is making since they are both huge components to the team?

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