Richard Sherman Staying In Seattle With The Seahawks But Was This His First Choice? [Opinion]

It’s no secret that Richard Sherman has made quite the career in Seattle. When someone mentions the Seahawks defense, Sherman is the guy that comes to mind. He is a powerful part of the legion of boom and without him, the Seattle Seahawks wouldn’t be one of the best defenses in the league. And yet, Sherman may have pondered whether Seattle is the place to be for him. During the offseason, many rumors surfaced that he was thinking about leaving Seattle behind, especially if he got a good offer from the New England Patriots. However, Sherman recently announced that he is staying in Seattle on his Instagram – but is that truly where he wants to stay?

According to a Yahoo! report, Richard Sherman is apparently staying in Seattle because no offer was made from New England. CSNNE’s Tom Curran strongly believes that Sherman would have moved to New England if he had the chance. Richard doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would go with the team that always wins, especially since he was signed with Seattle when they were still the underdog team. However, Curran strongly believes that Richard Sherman wants out of Seattle.

“My understanding is he wants to be a New England Patriot,” Curran revealed last week, according to Yahoo! adding, “He wants to leave Seattle. He has made that clear and that’s why Seahawks’ GM John Schneider can speak so freely about it. They’ve had it up to here with him. His tirades on the sidelines last year were a tremendous distraction.”

And yes, Richard Sherman did have a few outbursts last season that could have gotten him into some trouble. Apparently, the general managers didn’t like it when Sherman lost his cool on some of his teammates, especially when points were lost thanks to the plays. However, he always made up with his teammates afterwards and just a few plays later, it looked as if nothing had happened. And Sherman isn’t the only one to lose his cool during an NFL game. While some people take it out on teammates, others kick benches or get into a fight with the kicking net. Whatever the distraction, many NFL players have shown the same kind of behavior as Sherman.

The Yahoo report also insinuates that Richard Sherman wanted to go to New England, but the Patriots wanted nothing to do with him. Apparently, there was no interest in the trade, which is why it didn’t happen. Of course, much of this has to do with speculation. Maybe Sherman did have an interest in New England if his legion of boom got broken up. This would mean that Earl Thomas III and Kam Chancellor would leave Seattle as well. But that didn’t happen and all three are staying with Seattle going forward in 2017.

And there are many rumors and theories around the draft days, so it is possible that Richard Sherman’s role for Seattle Seahawks was up for discussion because it would drum up some offers. However, it sounds like Richard is doing just fine in Seattle. If the rumors about the general managers are true, then watch out for Sherman’s outbursts on the sideline during this upcoming season – and then a possible trade next season. But maybe it would be better to just bet on some wins, as he gets to continue playing with one of the best defenses in the league – Seattle Seahawks’ legion of boom.

What do you think of Richard Sherman staying in Seattle, even though the rumors are clear that he would rather be in New England with the Patriots? Do you think the rumors about him losing his cool on the sidelines and angering the management are true?

[Featured Image by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]