Is Ramona Singer Appreciative Of The Friends She’s Got After Her Divorce? [Opinion]

Ramona Singer almost decided to skip her own surprise party on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York. She told viewers in a confessional that she wasn’t keen on taking some time off to hang out with Dorinda Medley’s friends, a lie that Dorinda had told her to keep the idea of a surprise party far from her mind. So Ramona had double-booked her night and she was excited about going on a date later that night. But when Singer learned that the party Dorinda had thrown together was indeed a surprise party for her, she was shocked. She was thankful that her friends had worked so hard on throwing her a party, and yet she revealed disappointment in the fact that Bethenny Frankel had decided to stay at home.

According to a new Bravo report, Ramona Singer is now speaking out about the party, but she only talks about the positive aspects of the party in the blog. But on the show, Ramona does express disappointment in the fact that Frankel decided to skip the party. This is the second party Ramona has been the center of that Bethenny has skipped. And Frankel’s decision to skip the parties has to do with Singer’s comments about Frankel’s soft-core film and her daughter’s reaction to it all.

“I still can’t believe that I just celebrated such a major milestone birthday in my life! I am so fortunate to have friends that I love and that wanted to share that day/evening with me. Friends are so dear to me, and I cherish them so much. Dorinda really knew how to keep this secret going, even though Carole made a little faux pas!”

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As for the surprise element, Ramona Singer reveals that she was indeed surprised to see all of her friends at the party. And even when Singer’s date showed up, she turned her back to him and told her friends that she was very thankful to have friends like them. And she was even thankful for Carole Radziwill, who almost ruined the surprise element.

“It’s a good thing that both of us are kind of clueless sometimes and speak the language of confusion! It worked this time…and I was totally surprised. I really almost didn’t go, as I had this date. Yes, I do sometimes book more than one activity in the same night! Dorinda was late, and I was getting so stressed about traveling all the way to Chelsea! When I got off the elevator, I was shocked! Wow, surprise,” Ramona Singer points out in her Bravo blog, clearly reliving the excitement of the surprise party.

“The room was over-the-top glam! The food was incredible, and the desserts were amazing! That cake! It was keeping with everything I love—bells and whistles on everything! Nothing was a miss,” Ramona Singer explains in her Bravo blog, giving credit to the party planner and writes that the planner needs to do her daughter Avery’s wedding when she gets married, writing, “Now I can’t wait for Avery to get married! Larry Scott…keep a few dates open. LOL.”

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Even though Singer kept saying that she was appreciative of her friends, it sounds like she’s not really all that appreciative of the friendship she has with Bethenny Frankel. Frankel was shocked to hear that Ramona was saying about her half-naked movie, and when she brought it up in context with Bryn, Bethenny walked away. Ramona must have known it would touch a nerve and she surely didn’t show appreciation when she called Bethenny a witch. Maybe some friendships are just for the sake of ratings.

What do you think of Ramona Singer’s friendships after her divorce?

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