Bethenny Frankel Gets Full Support For Ditching Ramona Singer: Was Her Decision Justified? [Opinion]

Bethenny Frankel has always said that she’s honest and real, no matter what. It doesn’t matter whether you catch her on the street or filming for The Real Housewives of New York. Bethenny is always giving fans one hundred percent herself and she’s proud of it. So when she decided to ditch her co-star’s 60th birthday dinner and surprise party, fans were confused. Sometimes, these reality stars are forced to film the show with one another even though they aren’t on good terms, as events and invitations are often strategic. However, Bethenny doesn’t do fake and if she doesn’t want to go to a party, she won’t go.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now getting plenty of support for being herself and being so straightforward. Frankel was rather upset with Ramona for talking about her daughter in relation to her soft-core film that she made years ago. Singer tried to express concern, but her delivery was completely wrong. Bethenny ended up walking out of the dinner and she hasn’t given Singer the time of day since. And it sounds like her fans fully understand her decision.

Guess who?

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“I mean can you blame Bethenny Frankel?? You never talk about someone’s kid!!! They are off limits at ALL times #RHONY,” one fan wrote to Frankel, who replied with, “0 chance I’d go. I do as I do in life vs a show. At someone’s bday it should be all positive energy for them.”

And one person brought up the fact that some of the ladies on The Real Housewives of New York appear to be fake, as they went to the birthday party without really being good friends with Ramona Singer. And this follower credits Bethenny with being real and being an honest person. If she doesn’t want to go and be fake with her co-stars, she’s not going to go.

“Some people are fake ass & some are not. Why would you go to someone’s bday party if you weren’t feeling good about them? Bethenny #RHONY,” another fan wrote to Bethenny Frankel, who replied simply but firmly with, “Precisely.”

“You were right to be mad and not attend her party. I do hope that the two of you make up, though! I think in Ramona’s little head she doesn’t feel like she said anything wrong! She keeps referring to the conversation as asking a question,” another person wrote on Twitter.

Cinco de May I have another? Stocking up for #CincoDeMayo ❤️ #skinnygirlhasgoodtaste @skinnygirlbrand

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Bethenny Frankel has also been very honest about what is important in her life. These days, her top priorities are her business and her daughter Bryn. Frankel currently shares custody with her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, and they get one week each. During the weeks where she has her daughter, she’s completely dedicated to her. They do fun activities and sometimes, they travel together. And when she doesn’t have her daughter in her care, Frankel will work hard on her business and make the most of the time.

Frankel has revealed that she does have a true friendship with Carole Radziwill but true friendships are rough to come by on a reality show. It sounds like Bethenny is used to being called names and mocked for the sake of ratings, as this isn’t the first time Ramona has said or done something to offend. Ramona has admitted she has poor timing, but one has to wonder how much she fakes drama for the sake of ratings for The Real Housewives of New York.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel ditching Ramona’s party? Do you think she would look fake if she did decide to show up since she was angry with her just days prior?

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