Melania Trump Explains Why It Looked Like She Mocked Her Marriage Via Tweet [Opinion]

Melania Trump explains the anti-Trump Tweet

Melania Trump does have her own personal Twitter account and while she shares a picture of a Beluga whale and some pictures of her from the past, it’s a fairly generic Twitter offering — until recently. People who follow Melania had to do a double take when it appeared that she “liked” a tweet that was mocking her marriage.

According to AOL News, it was Tuesday when the social media sites started to buzz about Melania Trump giving a thumbs up to a tweet by hitting “like.” The tweet, which originated from a Twitter user named Andy Ostroy, contained that famous clip from the Trump inauguration where a smiling Melania Trump turns into a scowling Melania Trump as soon as her husband’s back is turned. Andy Ostroy’s Twitter post is seen below.

Ostroy writes that it “seems the only wall Donald Trump’s built is the one between him and the First Lady Melania Trump.” You can see in the tweet below how it appeared on Melania Trump’s Twitter page before it was deleted a few hours after it was posted. According to Snopes, Andy Ostroy was surprised when he saw that the tweet was “liked” by Melania Trump herself. He posted another tweet questioning the authenticity of the “like,” which is seen in his second post below.

Andy was wrong thinking it couldn’t be the first lady’s real account — it was Melania Trump’s account, although it was done without her knowledge. Melania has not used this account since inauguration day; instead she opts to use the official FLOTUS account. Snopes suggests that one of two things happened: “Although it’s certainly possible that she ‘liked’ this message on her own, it’s also possible that her underutilized personal account was hacked, or more likely, that she made a mistake and quickly fixed it.”

That clip started a storm of comments online when it first surfaced following Trump’s inauguration, with people offering it up as evidence that Melania Trump was in an unhappy marriage. While you can understand why people thought it looked as if Melania wiped that smile from her face as soon as her husband’s back was turned, because basically that is what happened, that doesn’t mean that the scowl was for Donald Trump. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the woman could have gotten gas pains at that one moment in time from all the stress and excitement. Melania could have seen something off camera that the people viewing the clip were not unaware of. There are a thousand different reasons, other than her harboring bad feelings for Donald Trump, as to why that scowl showed up when it did on Melania’s face.

Getting back to Melania today and the appearance that she liked that clip, it dropped jaws across the social media sites and some people saw it as a cry for help. The headlines were ripe with unhappy marriage quips. Some saw it as a “Freudian slip” of the finger on the keyboard. Whatever journey this post took to arrive on Melania Trump’s personal Twitter page didn’t matter to Trump’s critics because they had a field day announcing that Melania was moving on over to their side.

The post was up for a few hours before it was deleted, and according to People Magazine today, Melania has addressed that tweet. The first lady’s spokeswoman told People that she was not aware of the tweet until it was brought to her attention. Apparently someone hacked into this account and posted the tweet to make it look as though Melania herself did this. Stephanie Grisham, who is the communication director for Melania, said that this was not Melania’s primary Twitter account. She also said that the password has been changed to protect the Twitter account.

For some time after that tweet was taken down, the social media sites had a field day with it. There are Trump critics out there who just bask in the glory of disparaging remarks about the new president. When it looked like Melania actually favored that clip enough to “like” it, some social media users used the angle of Melania jumping ship. Most people knew that it was somehow a mistake; whether Melania accidentally hit the “like” button or it was hacked, there was no way the first lady would have “liked” this tweet on purpose.

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