Niall Horan Talks One Direction Reunion, Touring And Dumping Simon Cowell [Opinion]

Many One Direction fans are shaking their heads today, wondering why Niall Horan chose UK tabloid the Sun, for a major interview. The British tabloid is far from a favorite with One Direction fans, and columnist Dan Wootton is the main reason why. Fans of the world’s biggest boyband feel that the Sun has been unfair to Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and especially Louis Tomlinson. It is probably fair to say that many news outlets have been less than charitable towards members of One Direction. Fans certainly feel that the tabloids are more interested in the boy’s love lives, than in their music.

Niall Horan One Direction Reunion
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For many One Direction fans, the Sun in general, and Dan Wootton in particular, has been spiteful towards One Direction for years. Distrust of the tabloid hit fever pitch back in October 2015, when the Sun printed an article that claimed that One Direction had been torn apart by internal squabbles, drugs use and bitter rivalries. The article claimed that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were not even on speaking terms. Tomlinson was accused of being manipulative, annoying and talentless.

It was also the Sun who broke the news about One Direction’s hiatus, and about Louis Tomlinson’s baby. Just last month, the Sun painted Harry Styles in a poor light for not discussing One Direction during a Radio 1 interview with his pal Nick Grimshaw. They accused Styles of “snubbing” his One Direction bandmates.


Given the depth of feeling against the Sun, One Direction fans are left wondering why Niall Horan chose to give a major interview to the tabloid, for the launch of Wootton’s new weekly podcast. The article, advertising the new podcast, even suggests that any One Direction reunion will likely be as a trio, presumably without Harry Styles.

So, When Will One Direction Reunite? Will Harry Styles Leave?

The one piece of One Direction news that every fan wants to hear, is when the band will reform. Niall Horan has always firmly maintained that One Direction will reform, and that they will release more music as a group. The big question is when? Whilst the One Direction fandom will be delighted that Niall insists that a reunion is still on the cards, they will be disappointed to learn that there are no firm plans for that to happen.

Niall said that he expects the various members of One Direction to take their solo material out on tour, and of course that will happen before any One Direction reunion. He admits that One Direction’s grueling schedule was behind the decision to take a hiatus, and says that the boys wanted to try some new things.

“I just wanted to broaden my horizons and try something new. We had a lot of success together we both know that and when One Direction come back we’ll still have albums left to do.

“It’s been a year and a bit already. We really don’t want to put a time on it. But when that phone call does come – no matter whoever it comes from – we’re back again.”

That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, after all the One Direction boys went on hiatus to explore new directions. Horan, Styles, Malik and Tomlinson have all released solo material. It is strongly rumored that Liam Payne is close to releasing his solo tunes soon. According to NME, Liam has teamed up with hip-hop outfit Migos, to collaborate on music inspired by hip-hop superstar Drake.

Niall Horan One Direction Reunion
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Horan’s debut single “This Town,” was very well received by the music press and his second offering, “Slow Hands” is due to drop this week.

In many ways, Horan was the glue that held One Direction together. Niall is close to all his bandmates, and he is the One Direction member who has remained relatively free from negative press. It does seem that Horan is worried that he may have upset One Direction’s X-Factor mentor Simon Cowell. Niall acknowledges the success that working with Cowell brought, and says that he hopes Simon” doesn’t hate him.

Horan’s interview will doubtless give One Direction fans hope for the future, but they will be disappointed to find that future is still open-ended.

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