Media Scrambles For Barron Trump Scoop After President Drops Tidbit On School [Opinion]

Donald Trump has been an open book when it comes to things concerning politics, but there are certain things he won’t discuss. At the top of that list of things not open for discussion is Barron Trump’s future school plans. While the official word of Melania and Barron Trump’s move has been released, no date has been offered as to their expected arrival to their new White House home.

Barron, who turned 11 back in March, has been finishing up his school year at a prestigious private school in New York City. Once the academic year is complete, Melania and Barron will join President Trump and make the White House their home.

According to CNN News, it was during a recent interview when President Trump was asked about the projected timeline for the first lady and first son’s move. Trump answered “They’re already set,” he then made a comment and refused to elaborate, which sent the media scrambling.

Trump said, “In fact, we just got him into a good school.” When asked during the interview about information on their chosen school, he said, “I won’t tell you.” That sent the media into investigation mode with CNN News reporting that thy have “reached out to various private schools in the Washington area where the Trumps have toured, but the community is staying mum for now.” If CNN has reached out, it stands to reason the other media giants can’t be too far behind trying to get the scoop on Barron’s new school.

It was during an interview with Bloomberg News that President Trump refused to offer any information on Barron’s new school in Washington for the next school year. The school where Barron attends today in New York City has made headlines due to their now famous student, Barron Trump. Once the Secret Service was on board, it wasn’t an easy transition for the prestigious school, as this was the first time they had a child of a U.S. president as their student.

One of the schools in Washington D.C. that does have that experience under their belt is The Sidwell Friends School. This has been a popular school for the children of previous presidents. This Northwest Washington school was where the Obama girls went and where the youngest Obama daughter, Sasha Obama, will continue as a sophomore in the fall. Malia Obama graduated from the school last year. Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, is also a Sidwell graduate.

Because the Sidwell Friends school has a vast amount of experience with children of previous presidents as students, they have all types of protocols in place. They are used to dealing with the Secret Service, the entourage of vehicles and all the other extras that come along with having a child of the President enrolled in their school.

This is so unlike the school in New York City that Barron now attends. The parents at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School were up in arms over all the changes that were put in place, which started while President Trump was still on the campaign trail. Once he was elected the president of the nation, the security was so strict that it interfered with the daily activities at the school.

According to Us Weekly back in November, the parents of the other students weren’t pleased to hear that Barron wasn’t moving right away to Washington D.C. because of all the extra security procedures that the school needed to put in place. From the traffic jams due to the Secret Service entourage that ferried Barron back and forth to and from school, to the security sweep that was done before the start of every school day, the inconveniences continued to pile up.

On parent-teacher night, the only elevator in Barron’s school was closed off to all the other parents and secured for the first lady Melania Trump. The parents were not too happy about being redirected to the stairs. Us Weekly reported back in November on how “some parents are now worried about security, including possible kidnappings.”

During his interview with Bloomberg, President Trump called the White House a “cocoon,” but he also said it would be a “great” place for Barron to grow up.

It is not known what school Melania and Donald Trump have decided upon for Barron, but since the school is in the Washington D.C. area, they most likely have had some dealings with children of dignitaries and top political figures. This would make it much easier on Donald, Melania, and Barron if the school does have experience in the security issues that go along with educating the offspring of a president.

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