Thomas Gibson Fans Miss Hotch On ‘Criminal Minds’: Shemar Moore Comes Back But Only For A Visit [Opinion]

Thomas Gibson fans are still angry about the loss of Gibson’s Hotch from Criminal Minds. Thomas was terminated by CBS and ABC following an alleged altercation with writer Virgil Williams.

Since Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore’s departure, Criminal Minds’ ratings have plummeted. Now for the last six weeks, ratings have hovered at approximately 7 million according to TV Series Finale. This led to the average demographic rating for the year dropping by 23.13 percent for the year.

Criminal Minds has been renewed for Season 13, despite the ratings drop. Criminal Minds writers have tried everything to bring fans back. They brought in Jane Lynch, a heavy hitter by anyone’s definition. Jane portrays Matthew Gray Gubler’s mother, but she has not been on the show for ages. Jane came back for Season 12.

Thomas Gibson’s old friend Matthew Gray Gubler is still trying very hard. Gubler is a fantastic actor who has pulled out all the stops in his breathtaking performances, but Thomas Gibson fans stand firm. It’s just not good without Thomas Gibson’s character Hotch. No matter what anyone says, Thomas Gibson fans stand by #NoHotchNoWatch.

Criminal Minds tried an episode without Matthew Gray Gubler because according to Buddy TV, Gubler’s storyline is “getting old.”

“Unforgettable” was a nice break from Spencer Reid’s incarceration on Criminal Minds. The last several episodes have been split between the team solving a case and Spencer dealing with prison. I liked watching Spencer in prison for a while, but it started to get old after several weeks.

Criminal Minds will even return Shemar Moore for at least one episode in hopes that will boost the ratings. Shemar Moore, though, is doing a pilot for another series called S.W.A.T. There is a very good chance he will be engaged in making another series next fall, according to this from the Inquisitr.

Thomas Gibson and Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds

Thomas Gibson fans and other Criminal Minds viewers and former viewers are complaining. They are sounding off in the comment sections of various articles how much they miss Thomas Gibson.

Former Criminal Minds viewers have been quite outspoken on the comment’s section of the Inquisitr articles. Here are some recent comments.

Thomas Gibson fan Alexandria Steele commented in the Inquisitr.

“Definitely Criminal Minds. They need him back. They made a terrible mistake firing him. When something isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Quit getting rid of people that the fans love. You’ve done it before. Knock it off. Get Thomas Gibson back. I can guarantee you the ratings will go off the charts”

Criminal Minds didn’t need a casting change Megan Thompson insists in Inquisitr’s comments. She says they watch because of Characters like Thomas Gibson’s Hotch, Shemar Moore’s Morgan, and Matthew Gray Gubler’s Spencer.

“Absolutely agree. If they want a fresh atmosphere on the show, they need new writers, not new people. We watch for the characters, not for the story line.”

Former Criminal Minds viewer Kelly Hrant made her position clear in the Inquisitr’s comments section. She doesn’t like the show anymore without Thomas Gibson’s Hotch.

“I don’t watch my absolute favorite show anymore because they have gotten rid of too many people we love but Hotch was a huge mistake.”

Disgruntled Criminal Minds fan Elaine Adams commented tellingly on Celebeat that she has given up her satellite service and watches Criminal Minds’ first 11 seasons on DVD rather than watch the new shows. Elaine says she misses Thomas Gibson.

“Steadfast in the #NoHotchNoWatch camp. I loved this series; eleven years is a long time to invest in a story. I like the characters. I respect the actors. But I can’t support a company that treats it’s employees this way. I won’t watch ABC, CBS, Disney… I’ve given up the satellite service to avoid it. Wednesday nights, it’s me and a glass of pinot noir, watching secondary-market Criminal Minds DVDs… up to the end of season 11. Then I start them over. D**n good series. D**n fine actors. D**n, I miss Thomas Gibson.”

Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds has lost almost a quarter of their viewers within the demographic and 17.46 percent of total viewers according to TV Series Finale when they terminated Thomas Gibson. It seems only logical to ask Thomas to come back, but will they? So far, they show no sign of weakening on the issue, but neither does #NoHotchNoWatch, a twitter group determined to protest the firing of Thomas Gibson.


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Thomas Gibson fans have been completely alienated from not only Criminal Minds but also CBS and NBC. How can any company just ignore such a huge customer complaint, backed by such a strong boycott?

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