Stephen Colbert Backlash: He Should Not Be Fired, And Here’s Why [Opinion]

Stephen Colbert fired for Trump rant

Stephen Colbert, the host of CBS’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert, has come under fire for using what has been dubbed by critics as a “homophobic slur” during a rant against President Trump on Monday night. After delivering insult after insult, Colbert ended his 12-minute Trump-lashing monologue by declaring, “the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.”

What is a “c*ck holster”? According to the Urban Dictionary, it’s a term used derogatorily to refer to a person’s mouth.

There are many people who are insisting that Colbert’s comment is homophobic. One reason for this may be because Decider, the news organization responsible for writing the initial accusatory story about the ending joke of Stephen’s anti-Trump rant, claims that the term “c*ck holster” is an anti-gay slur.

Trump kisses Putin graffiti

Given the definition of the lewd phrase, it could very well be used to describe the mouth of a female as well as a male; hence it’s not the term “c*ck holster” itself that is offensive to gay men, but rather Stephen Colbert using the notion of two men engaging in sexual acts with one another as an insult that’s hurtful. Essentially, this means the Late Show host must consider it a bad thing for male-on-male sex to take place, or else he wouldn’t have used the concept as a jibe against President Trump.

A good question to ask here is, are gay men actually offended by Colbert’s affront?

It turns out that, yes, some gay men are feeling insulted by the late night comedian.

Glenn Greenwald, an award-winning journalist who used to report for The Guardian and now writes for The Intercept, and who also happens to be gay, was bothered by Stephen’s use of oral sex slang against Trump.

Based on the content of Greenwald’s tweet, one can assume he also believes that Colbert seems to be getting away with using such language against the president. Replies to Glenn’s tweet indicate that people are split on whether or not Colbert crossed the line.

Scott Presler is a gay Trump supporter whose advocacy for the president both before and after the 2016 election made him into a prominent figure throughout the pro-Trump community. He’s committed to drawing people together by way of spreading positive information about the president and negative information about The Donald’s opponents. Presler sees the double standard surrounding Trump and doesn’t hesitate to call people out on their “homophobia” when they attack him. One of the most admirable things about Mr. Presler is his passion and fearlessness to show the world he’s a proud supporter of America’s Commander-in-Chief.

It’s plain to see that Scott was offended by Stephen Colbert’s Trump rant, as he fired out a series of tweets with the hashtag #FireColbert, which became a trending topic on Tuesday evening.

Scott has learned how to use Trump’s enemy’s tactics against them. This is one reason why he’s not one to let this Stephen Colbert controversy go by without sharing his two cents.

I understand Presler’s point-of-view and the reasons why he’s upset about Colbert’s Trump rant, but I do not agree that the CBS host should be fired or suffer any sort of negative consequence for (the sake of comedy) suggesting a homosexual relationship between President Trump and Vladimir Putin is taking place. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: good comedy is supposed to be offensive.

During the past several years, the politically correct police have made their presence known throughout the Western world and comedy has been among one of their top victims. Comedians thrive on stereotypes of all kinds. They’re the people who bring up things everyone is thinking but won’t dare say. We need comedy in the world we’re living in. I don’t know how regularly you follow the news, but there are bad, bad things going on out there, and there are people suffering worse fates than a vulgar joke like this one could ever cause.

It’s mostly Trump supporters and right-wingers who are calling for Stephen Colbert to be fired, which confuses me because I identify as a supporter of the president and I thought our group was adamant that free speech, as highlighted in the United States Constitution, is of utmost importance; that the people and things threatening free speech cannot be allowed to succeed in their quests to silence the people. If you believe this and know how important the First Amendment is to the U.S., how could you possibly be for Colbert’s termination?

If this “c*ck holster” joke had been told, but instead of being directed at Donald Trump, it was directed at someone else, the people who are currently so up in arms over this Stephen Colbert matter would be rolling their eyes at anyone causing a stir about it. They’d point fingers, condemning the whiners as direct threats to free speech and telling them to stop acting like weak, simple-minded snowflakes. In this case, those outraged at Colbert should be pointing their accusatory fingers right back at themselves.

Free speech protects all Americans, period, end of story. Colbert should not be fired. At the very most, perhaps he should apologize to those who feel insulted by his gay jibe, but I feel even that is asking too much. Like it or not, Stephen is protected by the First Amendment. Asking that he suffer consequences for his Trump monologue joke is illogical, ridiculous, and above all else, un-American.

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