Hillary Clinton’s Imaginary October 27 Election Is Ridiculous, And Trump Is Not Comey’s Fault [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton had the audacity to come out of the woodwork and say on national television that she would be the President of the United States if the election had taken place on October 27, 2016, because Hillary Clinton refuses to take genuine responsibility for her party’s own tragic flaws.

“If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president,” Clinton told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour at a Women for Women International event this week, and the timing of her bold statements is practically unbelievable. This week, progressives have been sifting through the transcripts of the recent hearing involving the class action lawsuit against the DNC. Given that the DNC’s own lawyer stated in court that the party had absolutely zero obligation to conduct a fair primary, I would think this would be the week for all establishment Democrats to find a rock to crawl under.

Watching Hillary Clinton act like the full name of WikiLeaks is actually Russian WikiLeaks was amazing enough on its own, but hearing her blame WikiLeaks and FBI Director James Comey for her own lack of an oval office was shockingly reminiscent of the end of every single episode of “Scooby-Doo.”

“And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

On October 28, Alex Wagner of The Atlantic reported that Hillary has had a believability problem for some time and that “progressive skepticism” has “trailed Clinton ever since she was the First Lady. “Perhaps the news this week is that, for skeptics of Clinton, it isn’t news at all,” Alex Wagner wrote in her op-ed of the October 28 so-called bombshell of Comey’s.

On June 8, CBS reported that, according to one of its polls, more than half of the nation had an unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton and that those polled had “the highest negative impression of anyone ever nominated by the Democratic Party since the poll began in 1984.”

I wish Hillary would actually take responsibility for losing the presidency and stop blaming it on WikiLeaks and Comey. She said she takes full responsibility, but then a split second later, blamed the leaked emails and Comey. Comey might have helped Trump sweep the electoral map, but Clinton lost states she needed long before Comey’s letter was released to the public. Emails had been leaking left and right for months, so really, by putting a date on the alternate election day at which she would have been our president, she’s really just blaming James Comey.

Hillary lost the presidency when her campaign decided it didn’t need to woo Wisconsin at all. One would think that the primary made it crystal clear that Wisconsin needed wooing. Hillary Clinton quotes analyst Nate Silver in her latest interview aired on CNN, but Nate Silver also wrote in an article that if “local newspapers had been healthier economically, they might also have commissioned more high-quality state polls; the lack of good polling was a problem in Michigan and Wisconsin especially.” Those high-quality polls in Michigan and Wisconsin would have told Hillary Clinton straight up that tens of thousands of voters in those swing states were planning to vote third party or write in Bernie, even if their write-in wouldn’t count. MLive reported that 87,810 voters cast ballots in Michigan, but reportedly did not vote for president. What few are mentioning is that Michigan records a write-in vote for an unregistered candidate as a non-vote. How much do you want to bet one or two of those 87,810 Michigan voters were Bernie write-in votes from an electorate still angry at Michigan superdelegates?

Also, Hillary lost the presidency when the first invisible chair was thrown at the Nevada Convention. Sure, the fake, now infamous “Ralston report” earned Clinton some pledged delegates from the primary elections later that week, but when a WikiLeaks dump provided evidence that some members of the DNC deliberately seeded a story they knew to be fake, Hillary’s presidency moved further from her grasp. It turns out, progressives and independent voters don’t like being manipulated. Sure, most people never even noticed. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by millions! It’s just that Hillary Clinton didn’t win enough of the popular vote in the states that mattered, and those states just so happened to have a significant enough number of Sanders’ voters who felt cheated by a primary season that felt rigged.

You know what else? Hillary Clinton lost the presidency a little when Sarah Silverman told Bernie’s supporters, “You’re being ridiculous” and the political elite laughed and cheered. Speaking of the convention, remember when Wasserman-Schultz was basically forced to step down from her position as DNC chair amidst shame? The fact that she was immediately taken in by the Clinton campaign didn’t help Hillary Clinton win any presidencies, nor did the Democrats’ decision to make Donna Brazile the interim chair of the DNC to replace her, because as bad luck would have it, Brazile was literally and actually trying to influence the election.

Hillary Clinton lost the presidency when Donna Brazile gave the Clinton campaign debate questions ahead of time, so that she could prepare. For months, Brazile refused to admit that she gave Clinton the advantage by slipping the campaign the debate questions, like the email leaked by WikiLeaks – I mean, Russian WikiLeaks – suggested. It turned out to be true though. All of it. Brazile admitted it and apologized. Brazile cheated, WikiLeaks exposed it, and Hillary Clinton would have us place the blame on WikiLeaks? Excuse me – Russian WikiLeaks. You know what? She’s the one being ridiculous now.

Look, in early October, Trump’s campaign took a nose dive too. That was when the Access Hollywood video was released. Trump was heard talking about groping women without their permission. It was vile. A report from The Des Moines Register from November 5, claimed that 75 percent of poll respondents were upset by Trump’s comments. Actually, 52 percent were bothered “a lot” by the comments. Iowa poll respondents said they were much more upset with Trump after hearing the leaked information about him than they were upset with Clinton over implications regarding Comey’s letter. Something else must have been bugging Iowans about Clinton though, because she lost that state to Trump. I don’t know, maybe a few too many voters were still angry about the Iowa Democratic Caucus. More than 100,000 Iowan voters decided to vote for someone other than Trump and Clinton, according to The Gazette and the New York Times.

They were both unprecedentedly unfavorable candidates. The two candidates were not the best the nation could produce, but thanks to the alleged conspiring between the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and the media, by November, that’s who we ended up with. Enough progressive, independent, and working class voters were livid when leaked emails indicated that the liberal elites worked together to elevate Trump early on in order to make for an easier coronation for Hillary in November.

Were these voters just supposed to reward that kind of behavior? Mind you, it wasn’t like it was some secret that so many liberal voters in swing states were never going to vote for Clinton. Every single superdelegate in each of those states that Hillary needed to win spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning out their inboxes of letters from voters swearing that they would never, ever vote for Hillary Clinton. Hillary did not have enough pledged delegates before the convention to secure the nomination, so Berniecrats made it abundantly clear that if the party wanted to win in November, superdelegates should vote for Sanders. He performed significantly better than Clinton against Trump in all polls. Apparently though, the DNC didn’t think they needed Berniecrats, or maybe they thought Berniecrats would fall in line and do what Sanders asked them to do, even though they specifically said repeatedly that they would not fall in line behind Clinton in November. I guess the DNC just can’t fathom that some people keep their promises.


There are so many tragic flaws that led up to Hillary’s lack of a presidency to call her own, that it’s hard to pick just one. This is not Comey’s fault. This is not WikiLeaks‘ fault either.

Here’s an analogy: A witness to a robbery that reports the theft is not to blame for the thief’s incarceration. The thief is to blame for the consequences of their own actions. No one else. Not the judge. Not the arresting officer. Not the witness. Just the thief.

Also, you know what? I think you’d have to go back in time – long before October 27, 2016 – to hold an election that would produce a President Hillary Clinton.

How far back? Really, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

If we’re going to entertain alternate realities in which Trump isn’t the President, I’d rather imagine the alternate reality in which the DNC managed a fair primary election season.

[Featured Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]