Former Seahawks Seattle Player Marshawn Lynch Excited About His New Team [Opinion]

Former Seattle Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch made the decision to retire from the NFL after the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl two years ago, when head coach Pete Caroll decided to throw the ball into the end zone rather than give it to Lynch to run it in. Many Seahawks fans were confused as to why Pete would make such a call, especially since they could have won the Super Bowl by using Marshawn Lynch — the one player who could get the ball into the end zone. After the loss, Lynch hinted on social media that he was done in the NFL and with the Seahawks, and last year, he didn’t play at all. But now he’s returning to a new team, and he’s excited about representing his hometown.

According to a new Facebook post, Marshawn Lynch is excited to play for the Oakland Raiders during this upcoming season. As he explains on Facebook, this is a childhood dream come true, and it has nothing to do with Seattle. As Marshawn explains, playing for Seattle was awesome, but Oakland is his hometown.

Excited to be back joining the #12thman on #instagram #BeastMode #Seahawks

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“Just blessed to be able to live out a childhood dream!! The theme hasn’t changed “reach that 1 kid”. But this is for you #Oakland #YesLawd #Fam1stFamily #BeastMode #TownBizzness #MpJuiceMan #SoS #Head8acke #GrindMode,” Marshawn Lynch revealed on social media after it was revealed that he was heading back to the NFL field.

Since Marshawn has been very open about his decision to try this new team, many of his Facebook followers and NFL fans understand his decision to try something new. And Lynch can very well make a huge difference in Oakland. The team proved that it is not the underdog in the NFL last season, and Lynch may be able to take them even further during this upcoming season. And one can imagine that his fans will follow him to Oakland.

“Man we going to miss you in Seattle. But I understand why you going to the Raiders. Trying to bring something to your hometown folks before they pull up and head the Vegas. GL man I’ll be rooting for you to stay healthy and bring something home for your peeps,” one person wrote back to Lynch, congratulating him on the new team.

Love spending time in my hometown Oakland in the offseason. All about the youth #FamFirst #unleashBEASTMODE

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“I loved my time in Seattle but I’m really from Oakland doe!!!” Lynch later revealed on Facebook, explaining that he’s excited about this new team and has nothing but love for his old team.

Many Seahawks players were devastated when he left the team behind after their shocking loss to the New England Patriots last year. Maybe Lynch just needed some time off to see where his heart was after he wasn’t utilized for the one thing he knew how to do well. And maybe he will get a chance to show Raiders fans exactly what he’s good at.

“As a life long fan of the Seahawks (even in the days where they faced the Raiders in their own division) I’ve seen many players come and go, lost count in fact. You sir were unique, and helped to bring together one of the most consistently performing teams in football today. A lot of people are whining, upset and bitching about you coming out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders. I say, go for it. You helped make our team great, and now it’s time to follow your dream before it’s too late to try. Congratulations Marshawn Lynch! Good luck!” another person wrote to Marshawn, congratulating him on his return to the NFL.

Will you be watching Marshawn Lynch play this upcoming season? What do you think of his choice to go to Oakland?

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