Megyn Kelly Snags Putin Chat In Russia — But Can She Survive Kelly Ripa? [Opinion]

The longer Megyn Kelly stays off the air, the harder it is going to be for the former Fox News journalist to gather her fans together and entice them over to her new NBC 9 a.m. time slot. This feat is made even harder because it is a time slot which puts Megyn Kelly opposite Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest in the morning. With Kelly needing to make a grand entrance for her daytime TV gig, her first assignment entails heading over to Russia to interview Vladimir Putin.

Apparently this Putin interview is expected to act as Megyn Kelly’s Pied Piper, leading all her Fox fans over to her new NBC show. Her morning show on NBC is is due to launch next month, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. While Monday was Kelly’s first day on the job at NBC, you won’t actually see her on air for her morning show until sometime in June, as one of Kelly’s latest tweets conveys, which is seen below.

Kelly rose above many of her Fox News colleagues in the ratings during her decade with the cable news station. She finished off her career at Fox with her own prime-time show, the Kelly File. While at Fox she was a big deal within the network, but she didn’t become a name recognized in the households across the nation until her gig as a moderator for the first Republican debate that was hosted by Fox last year.

Kelly’s treatment of Trump dropped jaws around the country when she relentlessly fired previously heard accusations at a very unsuspecting GOP presidential candidate. Kelly then asked Trump to speak to those accusations, which included reports on his treatment of women. This is not how Kelly approached the other candidates on the stage, as she asked them straight-out questions.

Many saw Kelly’s behavior at this debate as an apparent relentless attempt to put Trump in a less than stellar light, and at one point Trump appeared blindsided. He even questioned Kelly during her rather odd moderating process while at the podium as to why she was doing this. He actually said to her at this public event that he’s always been very nice to her, but she wasn’t being very nice to him.

The controversy about Kelly’s approach went on for weeks, with one side seeing her as a journalist doing her job and the other side seeing Kelly as taking advantage of the opportunity to paint Trump in a rather disparaging portrait. Then came Trump’s tweets about Kelly, which were seen as retaliation for her rather unstructured line of questioning at the debate.

According to the Washington Post, it was a “long, strange history” between these two and as you can see by many of the comments on this article from last year, the readers are polarized about Kelly’s behavior toward Trump. Some rallied behind Trump and saw Kelly’s actions as unprofessional, while others stood behind Kelly for using this approach to Trump.

This feud rocketed Kelly to fame and suddenly she was not only a big fish at Fox News, but people who never heard of Megyn Kelly were suddenly talking about her around the water coolers and at the dinner tables across the country. Many credit Donald Trump’s feud with Kelly for her nationwide success.

Could it be that Kelly actually had her 15 minutes of nationwide fame and now it is gone? Not many are cheering her on across the social media sites today. There’s no viral countdown going on until Kelly appears on the air. There’s just articles that report on her future endeavor with NBC.

Fox News offered Kelly an astronomical amount of money if she would sign a contract with the cable news channel once again. She refused, opting to go to NBC. From what some reports say, she is getting less money than what Fox had offered her to stay. She turned down a cool $100 million for a four-year contract with Fox at the time, reports The Hill. Fox was worried about what Kelly’s absence would do to the prime-time lineup, but their worries were all for nothing.

According to Breitbart News, when Tucker Carlson slid into Kelly’s evening spot, he nearly doubled her ratings within the first week. This could suggest that Kelly might have been enjoying that 15 minutes of super fame on Fox because once she was replaced by someone, they doubled her stats in less than a week. While that probably wouldn’t have happened if it were anyone else replacing her besides Tucker Carlson, but it did happen.

The true test of just how much fame Kelly will enjoy is when she opens up her show over at NBC. With Putin’s interview slated for her first show, ratings are a given, but can she maintain good ratings once she’s on her own? Will she be able to get those numbers up where they were when she left Fox, especially since she is opposite America’s sweetheart of daytime shows, Kelly Ripa. With Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on at the same time as Megyn Kelly, she has her work cut out for her.

With Megyn’s history concerning Trump and Putin’s recent dealing with the nation’s new president, there’s a common thread running through this event. Some people will watch this Kelly-Putin interview just to see if that common thread, which is of course Trump, will surface during their chat together. Will one Putin interview be enough to put Kelly on top again, this time with her new network NBC?

Megyn has a few hurdles to get over when it comes to making her show a TV destination in the morning with one rather big hurdle being Kelly Ripa, who is on at the same time. Will the former Fox News commentator have enough draw to make her show a morning hit? Or will she need another sparring event with Trump as a booster?

[Featured Image by Charles Sykes/AP Images]