Joy-Anna Duggar Weight Loss Shocks Fans: Is She Starving Herself For Her Upcoming Wedding To Austin Forsyth? [Opinion]

Joy-Anna Duggar appears to have undergone a pretty dramatic weight loss recently, and fans of the Duggar family are concerned that she’s trying too hard to take off weight for her upcoming wedding.

As the Hollywood Gossip reports, a recent photo of the ninth-oldest Duggar child (a fifth-oldest Duggar daughter) appeared on the family’s Facebook page last week, and to some fans, it seems as if the 19-year-old has lost a shocking amount of weight.

That’s Joy-Anna’s sister Josie, by the way, the youngest and apparently last of the first generation of Duggars.

Anyway, by way of comparison, here’s a slightly older photo of Joy-Anna, showing her posing with her main squeeze, fiancee Austin Forsyth. In this picture, she appears to be a few pounds heavier.

In the comments section, fans of the Duggar family (and, probably, more than a few haters) appear to have taken notice of her weight loss. And while some are positive.

Mel Acosta: “Good job Joy on your weight loss. :) Looking beautiful”

Kimberly Taylor Morris: “Joy Anna, you are looking so healthy lately! Also, you two are just beautiful!”

Other observers, however, think there’s something unhealthy happening there.

Rose Galston: “I hardly recognized Joy with her being so much thinner here than in other photos. Why do the Duggar girls all seem to become so thin while they are courting? Is it that stressful for them? She looked fine before the weight loss.”

Luanne Ruth Warnicke: “Girls/Women should never have that pressure that they should be thin to have value. I find it odd that these girls try to be really thin before the wedding.”

There are a few points here that need to be discussed.

First of all, if Joy-Anna Duggar is losing weight, it may be something of a stretch to conclude that this recent Facebook picture reveals a shocking weight loss. To this writer, it doesn’t appear that she’s lost more than a few pounds, if she’s lost any at all. And of course, it may very well be a difference in lighting, camera angles, and the way the outfits she chose to wear in each of those pictures look on her.

Second, at 19, Joy-Anna is still, physiologically speaking, an adolescent (the process of adolescence extends into the late teens and early 20s), and so her body is still going through changes. Further, the weight difference between the two photos may be something as mundane as Joy-Anna being bloated on the day the “heavier” picture was taken.

Third, it’s not uncommon for a bride-to-be to want to take off a few pounds before her wedding day, and Joy-Anna is about six months from her October 28, 2017, wedding date (her 20th birthday). So if she is taking off some pounds, well, who are we to judge? As long as she’s employing healthy weight loss techniques and not starving herself or over-exerting herself at the gym, then there’s no reason to worry.

However, as with all things Duggar, there’s a religious component to this discussion. As it turns out, the Duggar family lifestyle — including their diets — is guided, in part, by the Bill Gothard Institute for Basic Life Principles. And the IBLP equates a healthy weight with living a godly life.

“God is concerned about overeating and being over-weight. Weight control requires consistent conformity to God’s principles of living.”

One observer on Facebook noted that the IBLP may be putting undue pressure on Joy-Anna and the other Duggar women to needlessly obsess about their weight.

EagleLily Marie: “Why it is important that the Duggar girls become underweight? It is not fair for the young ladies in the Gothard IBLP to be under so much pressure to be thin.”

Do you think Joy-Anna Duggar has undergone a shocking and possibly dangerous weight loss?

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